Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hi Again...Months Later!

Hello everyone! Soooo...not much has changed except that I have my computer now! My husband was able to save a lot of my stuff but not a lot of it. Does that make sense? Jajajaja! I'm glad to be back! Slowly but surely...I know it will take some time but I'm motivated! I miss my therapy! LOL! So I have the Sushi Dolls back on to sale!!! I'm so happy! And as for my D.T? Hopefully I will start that back up soon...need to e-mail my gals! We will see.  I don't want to overwhelm myself because then it will be no bueno. =) I did craft recently and it felt sooooo good!!! I made my niece a sketch book which she absolutely loved! I kind of wanted to keep it but I couldn't because it didn't have my name on it! I'll have to make myself one! I did make a video but I couldn't upload it! Estupid video! But there will be others. I want to make a mini mouse mini for a friend, I need to make some cards and start painting again.  The list is never ending! Anywho, here is a picture of the sketch book I made.

So that's all I have really done...Yeah, I know, not much but I will get back on tract! Anyway, I think that's all for right now. Hopefully when I have a little bit of more time I will have more to share.

Love you all!