Sunday, August 11, 2013

And 2 Weeks Later...

1:13 A.M...=) Crazy! Typing at the same time that I was finishing up the last post! Cu Cuy! I did not do this on purpose either!

Anywho, I didn't look for my picture where I was stylin' the 'walki talki.' Hey, don't get sad! Do you know How many pictures I would have to go through to even find it?! Do you?!?!?! (Breakfast Club) =) Maybe later. Oh and that mini? Nope, didn't happen either.  BUT I did do some coloring and crafting. YAY!!!! Yeah, I know!!!! Isn't that so exciting!!! Oh and some non-crafty things too. What should I show you guys first? Hmm...


I colored and used stickles for this cute image! She is a sneak peek for my Halloween series. It's been a long while since I drew up anything related to owls! The other images are basically "Halloween" themed but wanted to draw a few that you could use at any time. Hope you guys will like them but my favorite is Owlisa!

My wonderful friend Marla (Marla from my D.T) gave me a R.A.K of some Prisma Colors in flesh tones! I was so happy!!!! She knew that I have been eyeing some of those colors but have not got around to doing so.  When I opened that package up I started to use them! Let's just say that I have found my new favorite skin colors; I love the darker tones!!!

This card was a custom order and I had to do it in 1 day!!! I wasn't able to take my time like the others but still love how it came out! The easel is originally left white but I drew up the cake and wrote Happy birthday.  

This is by far my most fav card!!!! Minions!!!! How could you not love them! I hand drew them out and started to work on them. this was a very fun card to make and one of a kind.  I love the colors and everything! 
This is a custom card for a fifteen year old. I had a hard time with this one but love the outcome!

And finally the last of the custom cards.  This one was for a baby shower! The customer sent me a picture of the couple and I tried to draw them up to look the them.  I thought it came out super duper cute!

Now for the not so crafty stuff...You hae been warned! =)
This is me warning myself not to do it. You may wonder what I'm talking myself out of? Well...

THIS! O.k, so I have these sticking out mole things; my mom had some too but they were not as noticeable as mine. I usually cute mine off and I only have to do it every 3 to 4 years from the looks of it.  Well, this time I didn't cut it all the way because the stupid tweezers kept slipping! Estupid tweezers! So I'm waiting for it to cure so I can cut it off again! 

Oh, and some sad sad 49ers slippers are falling apart!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I'm very sad.


  1. WOOHOO for all your new craftiness! Glad you've had some time in your BUSY schedule! Happy Sunday, Susi! :o)

  2. Beautiful as always! Ouch! Dad loved them too! Get that sewing machine out right away!

    ((Hugs)) so glad you had time for fun!