Saturday, July 27, 2013

80's are AWESOME!

I have been on this 80's movies kick lately and since I have a day off tomorrow I can catch up on all my media sites...well most...and watch my 80's movies! Brings back my childhood and how much I admired the lives of all those teenagers or how I looked up to my older cousins.  One of my biggest dreams was to own my very own Trapper Keeper! Do you remember those? Well, I didn't get one but still dreamed. I did get a Walkie Talkie (not the name brand)! I thought I was styling! I even have a picture with them! I look so funny but at the moment I was cool! I'll have to dig through all my pictures and show you guys! Miss the 80' times have changed!

Other than that I have been drawing up a storm.  I have already drawn 3 school specials, images for September and October! Now I just need to copyright them and scan them in my compoopers! I have not crafted but I hope to craft something tomorrow.  I would love to make a mini, no matter how difficult they are to make.  I really want to make a paper bag mini too but I have to many unfinished books that it is ridiculous!

Also, since I will only have one day off and we didn't get to do anything for my son's birthday on Tuesday we decided to do something tomorrow. I don't get to spend as much time with my family as I used to and miss them so much so I'm looking forward to celebrating  his birthday! He chose to go to John's Incredible Pizza so I'm so going to enjoy the all you can eat buffet! Salad sounds so so good! Yummy! I will have to take pictures of tomorrow!

All right my peeps! Sorry that I don't have much to share but hopefully tomorrow I can show you guys some pictures and maybe make a video! Well, goodnight! It's 1:13AM and I'm tired! Jajaja!

Muchos hugs,



  1. How can you be up that late? Or is it early? lol
    I'm happy to hear you're finding some time for all that drawing of new images!
    Have a wonderful day off! :o)

    1. LOL! I don't even know anymore! Jajaja! My schedule changes so much that I don't even think my body knows when I'm supposed to be awake or asleep! Tomorrow (Sunday) I will be working from 730pm-4am...I think I was prepping for tomorrow. =/ And I'm loving my day off so far! I'm catching up on so many things! But now I want to color some of these Sushi Dolls! Jajaja! Thanks so much Nancy!

    2. LOL!! I'm glad you're loving your day off! I just finished coloring another Sushi Doll myself! I added it to my Hymn and Scripture Challenge page. It will be posted tomorrow morning! That means I got three done this month! Yay!! :o)

  2. DUDE, I was just talking about the Trapper Keeper the other day!!! And I recently watched The Breakfast Club with my son (his first time!). Twice :-) lol Great minds think alike!! xx