Saturday, July 27, 2013

80's are AWESOME!

I have been on this 80's movies kick lately and since I have a day off tomorrow I can catch up on all my media sites...well most...and watch my 80's movies! Brings back my childhood and how much I admired the lives of all those teenagers or how I looked up to my older cousins.  One of my biggest dreams was to own my very own Trapper Keeper! Do you remember those? Well, I didn't get one but still dreamed. I did get a Walkie Talkie (not the name brand)! I thought I was styling! I even have a picture with them! I look so funny but at the moment I was cool! I'll have to dig through all my pictures and show you guys! Miss the 80' times have changed!

Other than that I have been drawing up a storm.  I have already drawn 3 school specials, images for September and October! Now I just need to copyright them and scan them in my compoopers! I have not crafted but I hope to craft something tomorrow.  I would love to make a mini, no matter how difficult they are to make.  I really want to make a paper bag mini too but I have to many unfinished books that it is ridiculous!

Also, since I will only have one day off and we didn't get to do anything for my son's birthday on Tuesday we decided to do something tomorrow. I don't get to spend as much time with my family as I used to and miss them so much so I'm looking forward to celebrating  his birthday! He chose to go to John's Incredible Pizza so I'm so going to enjoy the all you can eat buffet! Salad sounds so so good! Yummy! I will have to take pictures of tomorrow!

All right my peeps! Sorry that I don't have much to share but hopefully tomorrow I can show you guys some pictures and maybe make a video! Well, goodnight! It's 1:13AM and I'm tired! Jajaja!

Muchos hugs,


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Oh my!

Oh my is right!!!!

So...a little up-date, shall we? =) Work...yes. still working in the same place but handling it better. I asked God to give me strength and he has.  Some not so bueno stuff has happened but I'm dealing with it.  I have had a lot of wonderful support; and you guys have left some amazing comments and I thank you.  You guys are awesome!

My schedule has been crazy! Some days I work early mornings and others times I work nights.  Then I'm off and then on. I don't find out when I'm working until a day or two days before.  It's just nuts! My feet ache, my back hurts and I get spasms now. It's from lifting those darn buckets full of hot stuff as in spicy not hot hunky men. =) I work in different areas but both are hazardous! So at the 'peppers,' for the most part I pour some "lava" into the peppers to make it spicy...well if you get that on your skin it burns the HELL out of you! It hurts! Then in the 'garlic' we use citric eyes water like crazy! Plus it's hot and humid in there! The combination sucks! AND a little humor to all this...I sweat in places that people shouldn't sweat feels like I 'stained' or peed myself most of the day and when I get home my bra is soaking wet! I ALWAYS smell like either jalapenos or garlic and in-turn our truck, room smell like it too. I reek and my poor phone smells also. My kids say I stink and my husband, bless his heart, sprays air freshener.  =D

I do like one part of it...yes...I like something about the whole thing. LOL! I get to be a chemist/scientist! I test for the balance of the chemicals in the product before it's shipped out to the customers.  So that side of the job is fun.  sidenote: when I was in college I only needed to take one more class to get my certificate in microbiology (I LOVED it!) but I couldn't do it at the time and I never went back. So this part of the job somewhat reminds me of that class.

After all this and all the drama that has happened I still see this as a blessing. All the hardships and everything that is happening around me can be falling apart but I know God is there through it all.  At the end everything will fall into place and just knowing that is what is helping me get through ALL of  my life.

All-in-all, I'm doing better. I have been breaking down a lot less and have been in better spirits. I even was able to buy myself a little something with some of my HARD EARNED money!!! I got to spend some mula on me! And where did I go? Micheal's! And what did I buy? 2 pack of Fiskars trimmer blade and scoring refill...boring...but it gets better! I bought me some stamps! They were only 15 for $10 (you can see some of them above or check out my instagram)!!!! OOOOH YEAHHHHH! My husband gives me a hard time when I buy crafting stuff in genera, but he was happy that I bought something for me (He sees me coming home from work exhausted and hates that I work where I do.)

And if you have not checked out my Y.T channel I have made 3 more custom cards! Go check that out! I also have pictures on my F.B but I will go ahead and show you guys some photos here.

I DID NOT draw these images! LOL! I got them from the web.  This card was meant to look like a D.S. for a boy name Julian.  

This is for a young man's birthday.  I drew the truck but didn't do a lot of the details like the picture. It was way too hard to try and do. I went through my whole eraser trying to figure out the poor pencil. 

This is for the customer's husband.  I drew the a moire to make it look antique.  Her husband loves to paint antiques so I drew him painting. =) I hope she likes all the cards I did  for her. 
That's if folks! =) Thanks for stopping by in advance and talk you soon!

Muchos hugs,


F.Y.I...I will be posting a post on the Sushi Doll blog announcing who will be in my D.T! It was hard but I think I finally figured it out. Keep an eye out for that one in a couple of hours!

Monday, July 1, 2013


Yes, OMGumballs! Oh how life throws us curve-balls! More like freaking pellet gun bibis!!!!!! So yes, I have disappeared for a good while. (Seriously?!?! Apparently I can't spell or look things up in a dang dictionary!) =/ Awe, man! O.k. So let me start by telling you guys what has been happening.

 These last few weeks have been busy and very emotional. My daughter just turned 16 and I can't believe it. Her birthday was on the 19th but we didn't celebrate until the 22nd.  We had a little bar-be-que with close family and friends; she was a very happy camper. It's been a while since I 'threw' a party...a big Mexican party. The last time I threw one was 7 years ago. Why? ever since my mom passed away 6 years ago it has never been the same.  I don' t was a thing that my mom and I did together even when she was as sick as she was, we always planned them together. =( It's not the same. You should have seen me! I was like a chicken with her head cut off! I didn't take many pictures like I wanted and even forgot a lot of things. I'm very rusty and times like these it's just very emotional.

The day before her little party it was my mom's anniversary.  I did better than the past years but I still broke down. Even after 6 years it still seems so fresh.  I would have done better but something happened that caused me to become an emotional wreck! I got a call from an agency that I applied at to work at a garlic company.  This was the FIRST employer that had called me over a year and a half! Yes, a year and a half! As many of you know, I have been taking care of my dad and recently we had car problems where I have not been able to be with my dad everyday as I was used too. My dad is fine but the thought of me not being there everyday is very difficult for my dad and me.  We  have and are struggling financially....just so much more going on that I don't want to go into details.

Anyway, the garlic company. I have not worked in the fields since I was a kid. My mom put my brother and I to work in the fields with her or with family because she wanted us to know what it was like and to make us understand that she didn't want a life like that for us. She wanted us to get an education and get a career where we would be happy.   In the beginning of my job search I stuck with places I wanted to work at and where I was comfortable at...time passed and I wasn't getting anything. Then I decided to start applying at regular stores...nothing.  At one time I even applied as a fork lift operator! LOL!  Still nothing. So finally I applied with an agency that focused on field work.  I didn't want to do it but I had too and guess what? I got a job; 330A.M-12P.M.

It's not something that I was happy about but at the same time I was grateful and elated beyond belief to have finally got a job.  I felt like I was disappointing my mom because she worked her butt off for us not to have to work like this. She didn't want us to suffer like she did.  One of my mom's last jobs before she got really sick was at a garlic company. I remember I would walk her to work and when I got a car I would take her and pick her up. I remember the smell of garlic on her and that was so comforting. She and my dad worked in the fields and my mind fills of memories of all the smells and see them come home so exhausted.  Their bodies suffered for working like that and it breaks my heart.

So on my mom's anniversary I got this call to work at the garlic. It was heart wrenching and I cried so much. I still cry. I'm working in a shed/warehouse instead of outside. Yes it is better but still hot and humid. My back hurts, my feet are's harder than I remember and I'm inside! I see all these faces around me and can't help but think of my mom and dad.  So many of them have no choice but to work in this fields to feed their families and pay bills. How they do it, how my parents did it...I have no idea.

I was forgetting where I came from and becoming too comfortable with working in air-conditioned buildings where you sat more that 30 minutes a day...and 'easy' job.  I'm surrounded by fields; almonds, cotton, grapes,roses, tomatoes, garlic, onions...and just started to look past them.  Now? I remember and it's a constant reminder that 'my' people are still doing what they have to do.  Reminding me where I came from and remember how good we have it.

God has his plans. I may not like where I'm at right now but I know there is a purpose.  I may have felt like I have let my mom down but at the same time I need this to remember what sacrifices my parents made for us.      This is not a punishment...this is a gift.

So yep. This is why I have been missing.  Today I was let out sooner than usual so I decided to catch up with you guys and all my crafty stuff.  I know this is  a lot but I wanted to share.The new Sushi Dolls will be posted in a bit and I'll be making a vid/slide show in a while too.  I have also extended the D.T call until the end of this week.  I just need to get a new schedule going for me because I don't seem to have enough time and I'm just so exhausted.  I think that's it for now.

Muchos hugs,