Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I was going through my computer...

Look at what I found!!! Back in May Linda came to visit her fam. bam here in Bakersfield and we got to hang out for the day! We didn't get much footage or pictures so I must have forgotten! But look! I found them! So here are the pictures from our get together!

Linda making friends with the duckies...=)

2 little friends

Bakersfield's Mill Creek.  It was not only her first time here but mine too!

Linda looks so tiny! =)

Unlike Linda, I look proportionate. LOL!

All of God's animals are purdy...what the heck was this animal?!

Went antique shopping/browsing.  Linda playing with a childhood toy.

Mira mi pretty amiaga.

Yeah, that hat did not fit!

And yes, perfect hat for you!

Trying to get a pic in the mirror.

Look a dead cricket!!!!!

I want a bike like this!

Reach for the sky.

She had a hard time opening it up!

She loved the color. What can I say? LOL!

Our last picture. Hopefully next year again!

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