Thursday, May 30, 2013

1st Birthday Special Order

Hi! =)

I have some stuff to show you guys! I was going to wait until she received her package but then I thought, "Nahhhhhhh." LOL! So here are the pictures of the items I made for my cousin's baby girl's birthday.  It took forever but I loved making them because the theme is OWLS!!!! Jajajaja!!!! 

Happy Birthday!

My lil' 2nd cousin's name.

I am 1 banner!

Close up of the owl.

54 owls in total, 108 eye balls, 108 pupils, 50 bags to stamp....=)

She didn't order this frame but I decided just to throw in a picture frame that matches the banners and bags. I hope she likes it!

Also go check out the and my YouTube channel for more information on the Sushi Dolls design team open call and the new June Releases! 

That's it! Muchos hugs and besos,


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  1. these are so adorable, luvin the owls! Hope you have a wonderful week.

    enjoy *~*