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I always feel like I'm yelling in silence to myself. LOL! So how has everyone been? Me...busy busy busy! First thing I want to say. My website has been updated! No, like more updated than before. =D I have posted my Sushi Dolls on my website.  They are easier to find and easier to purchase...well it seems like it to me. I'll have to get my D.T to test her out. Here is the link.....

Also I will be having a special release! But you will have to check out the Sushi Doll blog for that. Make sure to read the whole post for a secret hint of a little something something extra...only the SushiDollsBlog!!!!!! SHHHHHHHH!!!!! =) Not even my D.T knows!!!! =}

O.k...I have something to show you! I actually made a card!!!!! Yes!!! I have crafted!!!! LOL! I have been busy with drawing my images and let's just say I have enough for about 3 months! Jajaja!!!! I also have been coloring and paper piecing like a mad woman!!! I have other projects that I want to work on but feeling a little over whelmed....just a little. =) about a picture?

So this is the card that I ended up doing. I had a very hard time with this one! But in the end I liked how she and it came out.  

What did I use?
I used the paper line form DCWV: The Mod-Retro stack.
For the base of the card I used craft card-stock; the Recollection's brand for Micheals
Martha Stewart carnation flower punch.
 The image is colored using Crayola colored pencils with Gamsol.
I made to very very small bows for her hair using very thin ribbon.
The dress is paper pieced. The way I do this is by adhering the decorative paper on a regular piece of copy paper with temporary adhesive and printed out the image so it would get all the details of the dress. I then cut it out and viola!

Here is the other picture of the other 2 images I colored and paper pieced.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. I would be more than happy to help.

Don't forget to go check out the sillyshysushidolls blog for some surprises...keep a look out!!!! =)

Muchos hugs,


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  1. I love your paper piecing!!!!! and just love to color and paper piece Suzy Q!!!