Thursday, April 18, 2013

Giveaway and More Updates!

Aye, feels like a whirl wind right now! LOL! So as you have seen I'm having a give-away on my other blog and a special release of some Sushi Dolls that I drew up a little while back; I couldn't resist! LOL! I have some others too but I think I will wait to release those in 2 months....maybe....AYE! =}

If you have not heard or read about the give-away that I am having on the Sushi Doll's blog please go check it out. This is where you can find it,

There are only 2 rules and easy rules at that!
1. You must be a follower of the Sushi Doll's blog.
2. You must leave comments on the posts, starting from the 13th until the 26th of this month. I have only posted 2 posts so far and I will leave the links after this.  To tell you the truth, I might just post one more post next week. SUPER EASY!

Here are the two posts that you should comment on so far,

The prizes!
If there are enough entry's that were done correctly I will be choosing three winners.  Those three winners will be able to choose one image from my Sushi Dolls. These images include the special releases!

I will be picking the 3 winners on the 27th so you guys have plenty of time to play along!

The next thing that I wanted to talk about were the special releases! I have them posted on the blog and on my website. They mermaids were inspired by a dear friend and the 20's dolls where just something that I came up with when I was watching a movie. LOL! They are super cute and I can't wait to see what my D.T does with them. Like all my other dolls, they are only $3.00!!!! For hand drawn original art, that is a very good price. So please go purchase 1, 2, 3 or more! Here are the links to the 2 places you can purchase them and all the other dolls.

So that was all of the announcements that I had! Now for pictures! I know how much you love them! =)

A painting that I was working on. This is a close up but I will have more pictures on my Facebook and on Youtube.

I was trying to make a background for one of my videos and I did this. This is the Danbo that I made and attached him to paper balloons. I adore how he came out!

This is the second one. I used my sketch pad and one of my mom's pencil buttons to make it look like he was writing. Notice how I used his left hand? I'm lefty so I just couldn't help it! Jeejeee. He is so cute!

Well ladies and gentlemen, I think that's all for now. I hope you join the little give-away that I am hosting and check out the new images that I have posted.

Muchos hugs!



  1. I am loving how your painting is coming along. I can't wait to see it all finished!