Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Some Projects I Have Made

Boo! I have been a stranger but with good reason! LOL! Crazy busy life and lately I have been crafting like crazy! I have been taking care of my pops (that's normal for me now) so when I get home all I want to do is rest but I have been crafting. I drew up some drawings for next month's release of Sushi Dolls...yes, yes, I have gone crazy! LOL! I have also entered my first challenge in a very long time! It felt good to join into a challenge and I love what I made her. need to package it up and mail it in tomorrow morning. I have also made another custom card for my sista' from another mutha.' I have yet to take pictures of that card but I'll do this right after I'm done writing. Jeejee. Oh, and my lil' sil came to visit form Southern Cali and got my bangs did! Oooh yeah! One more thing! Linda (scrapchica) has started to post! She just finished a Sushi Doll project and I'm so happy to have her on board! Anywho, I think that's it! Now for the pictures! =)

The following 2 projects were made for a challenge that I entered. Here is the link to Cassie's vid. Click here to go to there. =)
This is the project I made for Cassie's Giveaway Challenge.

And here is a little extra gift I made her. I hope she likes it.
 These two boxes with the mini cards were made using some of my Sushi Dolls. I made a similar box before but this time I made them with little cards. One is for a person who gave me  a RAK but I just don't know which on to give her. I will be selling the other one and will post it soon. These boxes were a labor of love and I want to keep them! Jajaja!
DDLM box 1

DDLM box 2
 This is going to possibly be part of my Sushi Dolls that I will be releasing for April but I'm not sure yet.  I made this birthday card for my lil' sil's mom. She is going to be giving it to one of her co-workers.
A custom made card I made for my sista from another mutha. =)

This mixed media canvas was a doosy! I had a hard time with it but I absolutely love it! This is also a thank you gift for a person who gave me a RAK. I hope she likes it. I don't want to say who it's for because I want it to be a surprise. =) Can't wait to see their expression! LOL!

Finally this is a painting I made.