Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What a week! =)

 Oh boy! Where do I start?! Let's see...I have been crafting like a crazy woman! SERIOUSLY! I have made tons of cards, drawing, coloring, and watching the the Superbowl. ='( So if you have not heard my 49ers lost but no matter what I will always stay a fan. There is always next year. =( So close gosh darn it! Sooooo close! Anywho, yes, that's what I have been up too. Right now it's going to be midnight and I'm so very sleepy but I have to blog! I have posted pictures on the Sushi Dolls blog but not here. Sooooo, here you go! F.Y.I, my daughter had a blast at the Christian camp! I'm so grateful to God and everyone who helped make her little dream come true. I told her to take tons of pictures and she only took around 12! Aye, my child! I wanted to make a mini gosh darn it! ='( Well, I guess it will be a layout! LOL! So her are the pictures of EVERYTHING. Hope you enjoy! =)

 These are cards that I am donating for Lina's ning site. She will be doing a give-away with them. Go check out her site! It's free! And don't forget that I'm hosting a swap over there! Hope to see you there! Here is the link to her ning site: http://myfuncrafts.ning.com/

 And here are some other cards that I worked on.
This is a custom order for a family member and I absolutely love it! It came out so freaking cute!

And this is a card that I just made because I felt like it! Jajajaja!
 The following cards I made to sell for my daughter's fundraiser. I sold all except for 3!

 And now for the 49ers section. I love my team and always will. No matter what I will show my support. I guess I'm not different than any other fan. Jajaja! There is always next year. Quest for 6!!!!! Let's go niners!!!!
These are my nails I did myself. Still have them on and will still leave them on! So there!

At our little Superbowl party! We has so much fun!

Our little group! Were were yelling and jumping...good times. Good times.

Hope you liked all the photos. I know this was a long post/pictures. I should blog more. =/ Hopefully I will do at least once a week. But we will see how things go. O.k bye!!! =)

wub you mucho,

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  1. I love the cards, and I love the nails too! lol I'm happy to hear your daughter had a great time! Now get back to work! :o)