Friday, January 25, 2013

Birthday and Busy Weekend!

Wow! Crazy last week! So if you have not watched my recent video on YT you...please hold while I put some ear drops on the anywho, I had a crazy week! I was sick on my birthday and didn't do anything until Saturday. Went to dinner and then on Sunday my friend had a birthday bash / football playoff party. Best birthday EVER! Had a blast and got some amazing gifts and cards (I'll share them here) AND our team won and are going to the superbowl!!! WHAAAT! After 19 years! We are having a superbowl party and red and gold all the way! Please refer to the pictures below...=)

This is way better than any birthday cake! My bestie, LaDonna made me these cupcakes and they were soooo good!

This is the card that LaDonna gave me. The reason this was a perfect card was because this actually happened a couple of days later to my friend! And me, I always take tons of pictures and always have my camera. Too bad I didn't have my camera this day because it would have been hilarious!

This is a card that my friend Melissa gave me. Melissa is LaDonna's sister and when I met her she was quiet and shy...well...then I came along and now she is exactly what this card says! Another perfect card!

This card came from Margaret, LaDonna's mom. Do I really have to explain this one? LOL! Again, another perfect card. =)

This was supposed to be a gag gift but when we went to San Fransisco for the first time to see the 49ers play, Margaret was using this hairspray and I absolutely fell in love with the smell! I never got a chance to buy it for myself so they bought me my very own can! It smells so good too!

 Here is another gag gift...I adored this too! You guys have no idea how good this pancake mix is! It's the best and when I saw how big this bag was, I was in heaven! Nom nom nom!

 And here...well...the best moment EVER! The last minutes when our team was playing and won the play offs to go to the Super Bowl! We were crying tears of joy! And Stan got the perfect picture! It was an amazing Sunday! Ahhhhh....

Now for crafting wise! I have been super busy crafting that I'm all pooped out! I still have to make some cards to sell so my daughter can go to camp and it has to be done by Thursday! Feel like selling the digis earlier just to make the mula! Aye! STRESS!

I made 40 goodie bags for the girls and almost sold them all! Super excited about that but I never want to see a goodie bag again! LOL!

Then I was in a swap. I loved doing these! It was nice an simple except that I sort of made it vintage...I don't do vintage! But a long time ago, I had bought a little vintage stamp that I was dying to use and when this tag swap came up I had to! So I found my inner vintage and did it! LOL!


  1. What a fun post, Susi! Now wonder you've been so busy! The cards you received are hilarious! Your goodie bags and swaps are fabulous! Hope you're finding time now to put your feet up!...Nancy :o)

    1. I know! OMGumballs I'm pooped! LOL! But good thing I was able to color a lot of my images! 15! LOL!