Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Recent Projects

 So I have been making projects just have not posted. I'm lagging man! Lagging! Anywho, here are my current projects. I have so many more to make! All before Christmas! Aye! I have not had time! I might just have to take my projects to my dad's and work on them there! LOL! k, here they are!

A little box I bought from the $1 Tree. I used black acrylic paint and gold paint.  I cut and punched out the eyebrows, eyes, mustache and nose. I used chalk for the cheeks and also use a feather, bling and gold trim. 
I actually found this perfect to store my tiny little nutcrackers. I forgot about them because I had wrapped them in tissue paper and were in with all my other nutcrackers so it was easy to lose them. BUT now I won't! Jajajaja!

Here is the other mini album that I made using one of those $1 minis.

Here are some little gift tags I made. They are so freaking cute!

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