Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sushi's Halloween Series and Giveaway Information

Hi guys! Well let me start by talking about the giveaway. I promise that it's going to happen! What's been holding it up? I wanted to have my images ready to go (they are ready) but I had problems with Pay-Pal, which should be cleared up in two weeks (that's what they said). But I have decided not to wait for that. I will be doing the giveaway now than later. So you guys who read my blog and FB will get the info first! Woohoo! =) I was going to make a vid but didn't get a chance to make one today but I had to say something! There will be 3 winners! Yes, 3!  So here are what they will be: One-the 3 DDLM cards that I made, two-the 3 'regular' cards that I made and three-a print of my DDLM painting (which is almost finished). The rules? Well, I think I know what I want you guys to do but I'll wait to list them when I make the giveaway video on YT, FB and here. Stay tuned for that! Hopefully it will be up by tomorrow. that's that. Now for the next announcement! Again, you guys who read my blog and FB will be the first to hear about this! LOL! Aye, you guys are so special! I will be doing a Halloween Series! I'm super excited about that! I have all my Halloween stuff out and I want to make everything under the sun! I'm not sure if I will be making one video a week or more than that but I think I will do them until I run out of ideas! Jajaja! I already recorded 3 process videos and edited one, which I will post after I finish writing on my blog, FB and Linda's and my Spanish blog. Now for the pictures from the first video that will be posted. Here we go!

 I used a digital image that I bought a while back. This was the first time that I used it and I wub how it came out!
 I used my video, "No Copics no Problem," tutorial to color her in and then used stickles to glitter her up.
 The collection I used was from last year that I got on clearance.  The spider was a ring that I cut up to use it as a embellishment.
This is the inside of the card.  The spiderweb border was a sticker! It's a big deal because I didn't know it was a sticker! I only found out because some of the backing was coming off! LOL!

Well, hope you guys enjoyed the card and hope that you will enjoy the rest of the series! Thanks for stopping by! =) Hope to see you guys for the giveaway post and continue to watch my Halloween series!

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