Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm Going Nuts!

I'm hating my pay-pal right now! Seriously! I go to get everything ready for the Sushi Dolls and I have other things to do before I can even set that up! Ughhh! So then I think of doing etsy but there again I need some things that I can't get until tomorrow! Ughhh! Estupid! =( So who knows when it will be up! WHHHHY!!! So that explains why I have not done anything else. I have been trying to get this going pero nada. So right now I think I'm going to clean up and get things started for a swap I'm in and my kids swap. Sheesh! I could have been doing that if I knew that I this whole paypal thing wasn't going to happen! =P Anyway just wanted to touch bases. =(

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