Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Graduation Cards and Glasses...

I made my daughter and her best friend some graduation cards.  I love how they came out especially their glasses! Both girls wear glasses and I couldn't help it! LOL!

 I also made the girls some blinged out sunglasses for graduation! I can't wait to take their pics with them on! I'm also making the girls a mini but I would love to get some pics first. 

Friday, May 11, 2012


 So I finally bought myself a diffuser.  I have been without for about 2 years and don't know how I lived without one for so long!
 My friend asked me if I could make a 'mom' word mini album for her mom for mother's day.  I was more than happy to make it! She was able to see some of it and she loved it!
I'm working on a project and once it's completed I will be showing it.  Let's just say that I was lost when trying to look for this stuff in Lowe's and Home Depot! I was like a chicken with her head cut off! LOL!

Hope to have more updates soon! Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Baby Girl Diaper Cake and Owl Mini Album

So here is what I did during the this past week! It was a work of love and I really wanted to keep it but alas I had to let it go. =`( My cousin's baby shower was yesterday and I couldn't stay long but it was so much fun while I was there! Any who, getting back to what I made for my cousin.  I made her a diaper cake and this is 'TECHNICALLY' my third one.  I shouldn't count the first one because that one sucked! My second diaper cake I have posted on my blog before (it's a cute giraffe one and it's 2 tier.) And this is my third and can I say my favorite?! Why? Because it involved owls! So her theme was pink, white and a touch of black...oh and owls! I sewed my cousin a sabana with black lace trim for the bottom tier, the second tier is a receiving blanket and the top tier is a burping cloth that I also sewed. And the top tier is a handmade owl that I made. OMgumballs! I adore it! I'm just glad that I made a pattern! I usually just wing it but this pattern is perfect! I used leftover fabric from the sabana and burping cloth to make the little owl. It was so much fun making this diaper cake and I hope that my cousin enjoyed it.

 And now for the mini album that I made her.  When I asked my cousin for details she told me that she was using some wall decals that were owls and she also told me that it was called, 'Happi Tree.' So I researched it on the compoopers and saw the cute bedding.  Once my cousin told me that was the right one I tried to duplicate that owl one some chipboard and voila! My little owl mini was born! I adore how this owl is going to match the baby's nursery. I did get to see some of her expression when she skimmed through the album and all I could hear her say is ooooh, ahhhhh, how cute, look! It made me feel good that I put so much heart into the gift I made her and she loved it.  Now to see if she will open up that diaper cake! LOL!