Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sweetheart Mini Album

So I decided to make a mini album.  I am using what I have to I won't be in that show the hoarder because at the rate that I'm going if I don't start using my stuff it will be no bueno! LOL! So this mini that I made is especially made out of love.  This mini is going to be dedicated to just my husband and me.  I just need to fill this mini with our pictures from our past and present.  I'm so happy the way my mini came out! O.k, here are the pictures of my mini.

My Sweetheart Mini album
This is my charm that I made.  I used a lot of buttons and charms.  I was inspired by Linda's charms...they are always so very purdy!

I had to put the pictures in because I wanted the hearts on the banner...without them it was looking plain.
A plain photo mat..and 3 tiny hearts on the corner.  I also put a tab on the side so I can put a date or journal.
Another photo mat.  I wanted to keep it very simple beause I wanted to use large photos and wanted the photos to be the center of the album.
This is one page I was looking so forward to making.  I love how my banner came out!
A wallet size picture can fit right wub it!
Then the heart comes out and I made a swiveled heart so I can journal and/or put some pictures in here.
Here is another photo mat...I have more little hearts and after I put the picture on here I will be putting more hearts on the picture to balance it out.
Another photo mat with a secret hidden pocket.
When you pull the little tab there is a tag.  I think I'm going to put a journaling stamp on the back.  Don't know yet.
My last page and I wub this one too! I personalized this page for my esposo and if I can only get my husband to smile the picture! LOL!

Another hidden tag and again I might us the back for journaling.

I had to put these candies all over my mini since this is the candy that inspired me to make it in the first place.
A side view of my mini...Aye, it looks so purdy!

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