Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Long Time no See

Hola bloggers!

So I have been busy! I'm working on a project for a swap that I am in and I'm loving it! Other than that I have been eh...=) But things will be ok.  Anyway, just wanted to share a couple of things with you all...

A bag I made using a pattern that I came up with.  My daughter kept it. =)

My mom and my dad noticed my son sitting like this a long time ago.  Apparently, my dad's family has a tendency to sit like this.  I'm glad he got something from my side of the family! LOL! 

An owl I made a long time ago but this time I finished it completely.  I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet but I think I might put her on a sign to hang outside of my door; my husband already told me I need to put a sign up when I'm doing my videos so he and the kids will stop walking in on me. You would think I would be worried about that. Jajaja!

The new edition of  owls for my collection of owls.  I love them so much! I was so excited when my friend LaDonna bought them for me as a gift.  I think they are stinking adorable!


  1. I love the owl flower

  2. OMG I really love that flower owl. Please do a tutorial on it. I would love to make one for my friends upcoming birthday. She loves owls too. It would be a great addition to her collection. Pretty pleaae with a cherry on top....

  3. So sorry that it took so long to respond back! I feel bad! Anywho, thanks girls so much! I made this owl a while back but never finished it completely...finally decided to get 'er done. =D I have some purple flowers that I want to use for a new owl and I will use that for a tutorial. Thanks again!