Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Long Time no See

Hola bloggers!

So I have been busy! I'm working on a project for a swap that I am in and I'm loving it! Other than that I have been eh...=) But things will be ok.  Anyway, just wanted to share a couple of things with you all...

A bag I made using a pattern that I came up with.  My daughter kept it. =)

My mom and my dad noticed my son sitting like this a long time ago.  Apparently, my dad's family has a tendency to sit like this.  I'm glad he got something from my side of the family! LOL! 

An owl I made a long time ago but this time I finished it completely.  I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet but I think I might put her on a sign to hang outside of my door; my husband already told me I need to put a sign up when I'm doing my videos so he and the kids will stop walking in on me. You would think I would be worried about that. Jajaja!

The new edition of  owls for my collection of owls.  I love them so much! I was so excited when my friend LaDonna bought them for me as a gift.  I think they are stinking adorable!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Love Struck

Here is my twist in a "Perpetual Calender" that I made.  I had fun and it was a challenge for me to try and write something every day! But I did it! I just need to journal about today and then tomorrow.  I loved the idea of this but to do a year one? umm...don't know if I could pull that off! LOL! Anyway, I got this idea from duffer9904 on You-Tube. She was the only one that I found that has made one, so check her out! Here are pictures that I took of my "Perpetual Calender" Hope you like.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Never Ending Scanning!

I scanned and scanned paperwork.  Since I don't have a job my f.i.l is letting me do his work so I can pay him back for helping us.  Scanning is boring but I gotta do what I gotta do. =) So I have not crafted ='( but I will be in the evenings.  I will be treating this as a job and try to scan for the full 8 hrs.  The best thing is that I can watch movies while scanning! Today I was able to watch Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel! My poor printer is working so hard! I was also drinking some coffee with pan Mexicano! It was so freaking good!

As I was scanning I was thinking a lot.  Just so much going on in my life and trying to cope with it all.  Thinking about family and friends.  Thinking about how things have changed and how it feels as if it will never get back to the way it was.  Thinking about how easily people are influenced by others. Thinking how easily people forget about you.  Thinking about the crazy weather we have had here in California and how we have not got the rain we need.  Thinking about how God has been in my life so much more.  Thinking how many signs and how my heart is opening up more and more as my life seems to be turning upside down. I know everything will work out but the difference now is that I'm working harder spiritually.  I'm doing a lot of soul searching. 

Just wanted to share and for those of you who come to my blog and visit and/or leave comments, watch and comment on my YouTube channel, and stop by on my Facebook account, thank you so much for your support. It means a lot.  I know I'm silly, quirky, and different but thank you for accepting me for me. 

k, that's it.  I promise. Jeejee...

Olive Juice *The Other Sister*

I kept clicking on my mouse and it wouldn't do anything! Umm..I was actually clicking on my cell phone! No wonder! LOL!

Mi Cafe con pan Mexicano! Yummy!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sweetheart Mini Album

So I decided to make a mini album.  I am using what I have to I won't be in that show the hoarder because at the rate that I'm going if I don't start using my stuff it will be no bueno! LOL! So this mini that I made is especially made out of love.  This mini is going to be dedicated to just my husband and me.  I just need to fill this mini with our pictures from our past and present.  I'm so happy the way my mini came out! O.k, here are the pictures of my mini.

My Sweetheart Mini album
This is my charm that I made.  I used a lot of buttons and charms.  I was inspired by Linda's charms...they are always so very purdy!

I had to put the pictures in because I wanted the hearts on the banner...without them it was looking plain.
A plain photo mat..and 3 tiny hearts on the corner.  I also put a tab on the side so I can put a date or journal.
Another photo mat.  I wanted to keep it very simple beause I wanted to use large photos and wanted the photos to be the center of the album.
This is one page I was looking so forward to making.  I love how my banner came out!
A wallet size picture can fit right her...me wub it!
Then the heart comes out and I made a swiveled heart so I can journal and/or put some pictures in here.
Here is another photo mat...I have more little hearts and after I put the picture on here I will be putting more hearts on the picture to balance it out.
Another photo mat with a secret hidden pocket.
When you pull the little tab there is a tag.  I think I'm going to put a journaling stamp on the back.  Don't know yet.
My last page and I wub this one too! I personalized this page for my esposo and me...now if I can only get my husband to smile the picture! LOL!

Another hidden tag and again I might us the back for journaling.

I had to put these candies all over my mini since this is the candy that inspired me to make it in the first place.
A side view of my mini...Aye, it looks so purdy!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

St. Valentines Day Card

 Hello! So It's February! How crazy is this?! So it's the month of love and Linda and I already have  love in our minds. LOL! So we are hosting our very first challenge and it's def. a challenge...well for me. Jajaja! K, so go check out our blog and join in the fun!

Freaking Awesome Giveaway Happening!

Sharon form Smscrapper (aka the night owl scrapper) is having an amazing give-away! Here is her link so go check her out! Hey, she also loves owls so gotta go sheck her out just for that reason alone! =)