Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm so so full!

Hello, my name is Susi and I ate too many crepes...Hi Susi. =:}
So I got the recipe from my s.i.l and man oh man they came out good! My s.i.l's crepes come out so much better but it was my first time making them so I shouldn't bag on myself too much.  I posted it on fb because I just had to share! Anyway here are some pics you you can drool...yummy...yummy!


  1. that looks good...would you be willing to share the recipe :)

  2. Sure! k, here is the recipe.*4 eggs *1 cup flour *1/2 cup milk *1/2 cup water *1/2 tsp salt *2 tsp sugar *2 Tbsp melted butter

    blend or hand mix all the ingredients until blended (I put the batter through a strainer so get all the lumps out.) pour a little mixture less than 1/2 cup (depending on how large your pan is) and start rolling the batter in the pan to create a very thin layer of batter. Flip to the other side and it shouldn't take that long...less than a minute?

  3. thanks for sharing...I will try it...hope it turns out as yummy as yours looks :)