Sunday, January 22, 2012

Birthday and Word Chipboard Album

So let me start by showing you ladies my friend's word chipboard album. I adore this album and a lot of heart went into it. By the way my friend loved it and I got a lot of ooooh's and aaaah's. I even got requests to make some for my other friends! Aye, I feel all special! LOL! So here you go...a lot of pics by the way. Oh, and please feel free to double click on the pictures to get a better view...

Next! So these same friends plus 3 more took me to the Crystal Palace to celebrate my b-day. This totally made up for my actual birthday on the 17th! We had a blast on Saturday (21st) night at the Crystal Palace! OMG! I cried and laughed! So here are just SOME pictures...

It was an awesome night! As you can see my friends gave me a lot of gag gifts and my party decor (my hat and necklace) was full of tampons, "bloody" tampons, toilet paper with "poop" and "used" condoms...Oh my gosh! So much fun! Oh and these were the NICE pictures! Jajaja!

K, I think that's it for now! Thanks for stopping by and hopefully I'll have more to post later. Hasta la vista baby! =)


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  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun, And what great friends you that they took the time to deco your party out so nicely. LOL