Thursday, January 19, 2012

2 days of being 34...

I have been 34 years old since the 17th of this month.  How do I feel? Like a teenage girl! LOL! My husband was making fun of me but he fails to remember we are only 9 months away from him being my age. JERK! =D I don't feel different so to me I'm cool beans.  I spent a quiet day but busy morning on my birthday.  I had a lot of things to do in the morning and I cooked some awesome food! I cooked chicken breast, mushrooms, asparagus and baked papas! It was so good! Then I made me some cupcakes! Many people may ask, "Why were you doing things on your birthday?" umm...we had no mula so this explains why I did what I did but it's fine.  My husband and I watched a movie and just relaxed.  My friends and I are going to be going to the Crystal Palace and they have a party planned for me there.  I adore going to the Crystal Palace and it's so much fun! I can't wait! And then Linda has a surprise ('s not a surprise anymore) birthday blog hop and I'm excited for that! I can't wait!!!!! Only 2 more days! Just two more days! So that's it other than that I have been working on a ton of projects...but I can't show them yet! BUMMER! I'm working on one of my friends chipboard word mini album for her birthday that just passed and I'm hoping to be done with it by tonight.  I'm going to show what I have so far but I'll be making a vid when I'm completely finished.  Hopefully by tomorrow that vid will be up.  K, that be it! =) Thanks for stopping by!

 So this is the my friends album...almost done. Just need 3 more pages and embellish the mini and I'll be done!
 This is the cupcake I'm going to put in the mini so I can add more pictures/journaling spots.
O.K, this is not just a triangle.  This is going to be a birthday hat! Just have not put on the trim or the ball that goes on the top.  I'm loving how it's turning out.  Can't wait to finish it and give it to her on Saturday.  I hope she likes it!


  1. Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY we are moms we don't get a day not even on our BD's. Daah ladies. I wish you many more suszie

  2. That is one FABULOUS triangle!!
    So...I just posted a "happy birthday" on your youtube channel! Then I come here and find out that today isn't even the day! So sorry I'm late with the wishes! I should have said "happy non-surprise blog hop day"! lol
    Whatever it is...I hope you have a really happy day!...Nancy :o)

  3. LOL! Thank you girls so much! Yes, mom's don't get to get a break! lOL! and it's otay! Me will take any birthday wishes I can! Jajajaj!