Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Can't find them!

K, have you ever tried to find something and couldn't find it? Well, it just happened to me! I'm so frustrated because I flipped my corner AND closet over to find some beads that one of my besties gave me and I can't find them! So as I was searching for the beads I was also cleaning...=)

Well at least it is clean now but still no beads. What the heck! Oh the frustration and anger! And that's not the only thing missing! Ughhhhh!

Well, other than that I had a good day. =) LOL! k, off to get some crafting done and see if I can find some beads substitute.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gothic Book Cover Challenge

So...I decided to enter Fiona's Gothic book cover challenge. So as I was watching her rules and seeing all the ladies amazing entry's, a foco light up on top of my head! *bing* I had this idea in my head and went with it and 3 days later I sa' got it! This is another one that I did with a lot of love. I adore it (you will see why) and I had so much fun making it!

Here are her rules:
Must have a cross (You don't have to use it if your religion doesn't allow it)
Must have a lock and key
Must have a chain
Must have flowers
Must look Gothic
No bigger than 10x12 and no smaller than 6x8
Must be painted black
Must have gold, silver and/or bronze
Must have jewels

If you click on the pictures you will get a hecka a lot better visual...SERIOUSLY! =) no for reals.

*just as a side-note...I didn't feel comfortable using a cross on this cover; just in case you were wondering.

Monday, February 21, 2011

It's all About Multi-tasking!

K, so as many of you know I'm sick but feeling better...I think. I think sweating it out is helping! Let's go Zumba! LOL! Woot woot! So my friend, LaDonna, took the kids after we worked out (she was their babysitter and my kids love her like she was family as does she) because the kids really wanted to go, sooooo....guess what?

You would think I would take a nap but nope! I'm doing laundry and cleaning up my scrap area, watching "Downsize" AND I'm listening to the music from other blogs! LOL! I'm using my compoopers and a radio! Freaking funny! I go from Alee's to Linda's to Lilly's to mine!

After I get done with everything, I'm hoping to get some sewing done! Gotta fix the Knee part of my son's jeans...ughhhh! That sucks! And then maybe start sewing for fun! YEAH! =)

K, gotta go cause Downsizing is back on!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm even more specialer!

Say whaaaaaat?! Alee' has given me the "Liebster Blog Award!" What the heck?! It's like I just came from the Grammy's and now I'm going to the Oscar's! Freaking amazing! I'm feeling so blessed to have such wonderful friends with such big hearts. Gracias Alee'!
The Liebster Blog award is given to bring new blogs to light. It's a great way to share blogs that might not otherwise be seen or ones you want to share with others.

As a recipient you must share the love and pay it forward by:
1. Creating a post where you blog about the Liebster award & reveal your 3-5 blog picks
2. Let them know you chose them
3. Copy & paste the blog award on your blog
4. Have faith that your followers will rally & show their crafty love back out to those you awarded
5. Have fun!

Here are just some of the awesomest blogs I have come across! Drum roll please!

1. Amy Shoot, Move, Create!

2. Norma HolyScrap

3. Mindy thedeterminedscrapper

Again, I would like to thank Alee' for giving this award. Gracias Ami!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm Special!

O.k. I was like "Whaaaat?!" Mrs. Amy from Amylucimar picked mee! Lil' ol' me for the Stylish Blogger Award! I'm so honored and when I saw that she chose me I was tearing up. It's hard to believe! Just an amazing thing! Thank you so much Amy!

K, I know it's be a while since she had posted this award on her blog but I had a difficult task at hand! Not only do I have to share 8 things about me I also had to pick 8 of my buddies! Yeah I know! How could I choose? This was hard!

K, so I'll start with the lista (a lot of you already a lot of what I will be listing)....tan tan tan taaaaan

Numero 1. Hmm...well, did you know that I love owls, nutcrackers, and Chococat? Noooo! REALLY?!

Numero 2. I'm really shy. Seriously! Ughh! Fine don't believe me! =P

Numero 3. One of my toes is longer than the other. No lie!

Numero 4. I love to watch football and when I get into the game I yell, jump, scream at the screen and my esposo always tells me, "Susi! Calm down!" =) You should see me when I go to a real game!

Numero 5. My first love was art and I wanted to be an a way my dream has come true.

Numero 6. My esposo was, my first boyfriend, was my first kiss, is the love of my life but we are total opposites. He was the "cholo" and I was "nerdy shy girl." Oh! He also gave me my "boogers!"...the other loves of my life.

Numero 7. I used to play the clarinet but I only got as far and "Hot Cross Buns" and "Mary had a Little Lamb." Umm...I didn't like the teacher so I purposely forgot my clarinet 3 times because I knew I would get kicked out! And get this, my daughter had the same teacher! LOL! (We have moved since then and she loves the new teacher at the new school)

Numero 8. Ahhh! My last one! Hmm...what should the last one be? One of my deepest secrets...eek...Once in a great while I eat dirt! No seriously! Well, only when I'm anemic...yeah, I know it's bad. I love it when the first rain hits the pavement and dirt! The smell drives my wild! Sometimes. =) Don't judge people! It's a great source of iron!

I hope you enjoyed my 8 things about me. =)

K, now for my list....aye! This was so hard!
In no particular order...

1. Linda scrapchica - I wub her whimsical and unique style! She is always comes up with something new and exciting! I adore her work.

2. Alee' jentaleigh - The flower embellishment queen. Most of Alee's work always has flowers and if she didn't add them it wouldn't be her. She make some of the most beautiful projects and I'm a proud owner of a lot of them.

3. Nancy pinkbellamia - She is the queen of layouts! When I went to visit I was able to see her her albums and WOW! Then she comes out with this canvas she did for her sister's and dannnnng!

4. Lilly 10angelkisses - Oh my gosh to see her greeting farm cards, I just drool over them! And then she makes these amazing minis that you just want to lick them! No seriously! =)

These ladies that I chose inspire me and I'm always in awe of their work. Thank you ladies for sharing your ideas.

It's leaking!

So I get up this morning and I forgot to put some toilet paper up my nose. Yes, I put toilet paper up my nose during my beauty sleep when I am sick. You may be asking yourselves, "Why in the heck do you do that?" I know, it could be dangerous but I hate that my nose leaks, especially during the night when I don't have the knowledge that I'm leaking!

So this is my routine... I fold the toilet paper until it looks sort of like a cone and stuff it up there but I have to make sure I'm sleeping on that particular side. Now, if I'm lucky I wake up when I turn to the other side and I get a new piece of toilet paper and put it in but if I don't I wake up with...I won't even say it! Let's just say my pillow and my face get very yucky! =)

So when I wake up today I do my morning routine and my nose starts leaking! So here I am with toilet paper up my nose again! I can't blow it out cause then my ear crackles! I can't go to the doctor because I have no insurance! I can't take any meds cause all I have is night-quil...I get high with that sucker. If I take it my senses got crazy! My sheets, that are super smooth, feel very rough to the touch. When I hear people talking they sound like the freaking adults talking from Charlie Brown! And if I look at the foot of my bed the space surrounding me looks like it's stretching and moving away from me. Yeah, don't do night-quil unless I really really have to and when I do I just close my eyes and stay still...or at least try. LOL!

I have been getting sick this whole week and it's getting worse! Where is my orange juice when I need it! Porrrrrrqueeeeee! Aye, let's just hope I don't get guys won't want to see that picture!

Oooh! Some good news! I'm getting stuff done! Woot woot! Well, not done done but I'm getting there! Let's see how I feel during the day and maybe I will be able to craft in a bit. Ahh...con boogers y todo and I want to craft. Hahaha! 1:35, that's what it feels like and looks like when my nose is leaking! LOL! Enjoy!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

Busy #1 Aye! I'm doing so much it's CRAZY! I have been cutting chipboard and filing it down...Oh my gosh you should have seen me! I was covered in dust! I had a hard time looking through my glasses, my hair had a film of dust, my pants were no longer blue and when I blew my nose it was brown (no boogers!). I had to take a shower after that! =D

Busy #2 I have been working out again. I don't want to be stick thin at all...I want to get down to a size 18 and I will be happy. I have been doing a mixture of Zumba and P90X...yes P90X! Last year I was just doing that and I did go down to an 18 (in just a couple of months) so we will see what happens. I don't believe in diets...I have fallen off tooooo many times and I don't want to do things I used to do because they are not healthy. So I am attempting to eat right. Aye!

Busy #3 I have been getting organized and starting and finishing projects but I can't show them because they are gifts! I have a lot to do! ALOT!

Busy #4 Busy with life! LOL! My family, friends, casa....but I love it! It's been great and I'm looking forward to happier and better times. Being grateful for what I do have and thanking God for all the good things in my life. Loving the people I am surrounding myself with and you guys know who I'm talking about. I wubb you all!

sorry no pics...maybe next time! Hahaha!

Peace out mis amis! LQM!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thank you! Muchas Gracias! Xie Xie!

I know I am not the most serious girl out there and I know I'm a goof-ball but wow! I'm so giddy I can hardly stand it! I can't believe all the followers and amazing comments I have received since the blog hop! I'm in total shock and am internally grateful for all your wonderful support. This has been an incredible experience and I don't know how to thank you all. It really is overwhelming and so unexpected (my friends would say friends =] ) and just so freaking COOL! I hope you guys will still hang around and keep checking back. Again, thank you for all your support.

ooooh ooooh! Before I forget! I will be announcing the wiener (Linda, I really meant to spell it out as wiener, LOL!) manana...well, in some cases it's already manana...hahaha...k, good luck to everyone! AHHHHH! How exciting! If you guys could only see my guys would probably pee your pants! Aye, k, that's it....Good luck to everyone!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Scrapchicky's Valentine Blog Hop

Eeek! This is my very first blog hop and my butterflies in my tummy are going crazy! Hmm...or am I still shaking from doing Zumba? LMAO literally!

Rules and regulations: K, so what were we supposed to do? Well, we were allowed to let our brain, heart, and hands do whatever they desired except our project had to be Valentine's day related. Dannnng! My mind was going all over the place but I finally decided what I was going to do...drum roll please...ta ta ta ta taaaaa....=)

I made an Owl Valentine holder! Yes you read right, an owl Valentine holder! I used felt for most of the owl, a paper beak (because I couldn't find my yellow felt! Ughh!) and huge googly eyes. I sewed the owl using my sewing machine and I will have a video to show how I made this bad a#% owl! Booyaa!

I also made Valentine cards to go in the owl Valentine holder. Aye, mi muy chingona going far and beyond! Hahaha! Here is a closer look of the little Valentine cards I made.

...And here is the final look. Make love to the camera! Work it! Work it! You are doing a fabulous job! =D

GIVEAWAY!!!!! You must be a subscriber to my you-tube channel, sillyshysushi and a follower of my blog. I will announce the wiener with music and trumpets by February 15th and post it on you-tube and here on my bloggy blog. If you want to know what is included in the giveaway you should have watched the freaking video above this! Danng it pay attention! =) I kid cause I love. Good luck to everyone!

K, for all you rule breakers, here is the list and the order of the blog must follow this order or I will go to your house and discipline you! Do you understand?! Well, do you?! =) Aye, I'm so mean! Hahaha! K, so I'm number 6 so if you came from Friday's blog then you are on the right track. Woot woot!

1. Ruthie-Scrapchicky-

2. Gloria-Gloriascraps2-

3. Karla- Karlas001-


5. Friday-Tfriday77-

6. Susi-Sillyshysushi-

7. Jackie-Creativejackie831-

8. Linda-Scrapchica-

9. Nancy-Pinkbellamia-

10. Las Scrappin Senoritas-

Ruthie, thank you so much for including me in the blog hop. I so appreciate it and I'm honored to be included with these super amazing talented ladies. Muchas gracias!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

March Tag Swap? Check! =)

TaDa!!!! Here is my finished tag for Carlene's St. Patrick's Day Tag Swap. I love how it came out and I'm very proud of it. I did a lot of paper piecing. Aye, muy chingona! = D

Here is a closer look of my tag. I propped the pot of gold with pop-up dots so I would be able to fit the tag better.

Here is my rainbow made out of ribbon that I have had for many years! Finally took it out and used it. Across the rainbow I stamped the words (you can't really see them here) you are my...

...and the tag says, pot o' gold. I used my glimmer mist that Rosanne (Roxycar11) gave me. I punched the corners with my hole punch to make it have a ticket affect.

The other side has room for a wallet sized pic. I already put a pic of my kids on my tag.

Friday, February 4, 2011

What a Wonderful Day!

Today was one of those wonderful days. I received some packages and some amazing belated birthday gifts. I also went to my dad's house and finally was able to take some pics of him and the kids! I always seem to forget my camera! Hahaha! It was just a nice day. A happy day.

This is the owl that Jenny made for me. Alee' was making these like a crazed woman and she was making me one but was not feeling it so Jenny asked Alee' if she could make it for me. Well, I'm so glad Alee' said yes because it is gorgeous and I have been wanting one FOREVER! I finally got one!

My second belated gift was also amazing! I received so many owls! Maritza sent me some owl Christmas ornaments, owl paper, owl embelies, owl jewelry and an amazing card! I was in owl heaven! I will post the vids below.

This is a pic of my 'apa' with his dog, Borracho II! I love his mo-hawk! Freaking hilarious! Now, let me explain the dog's name. He was named after a dog that we had before. The reason that Borracho was named Borracho was because he was the rut of the group and when he walked he looked like he was drunk (Borracho is Spanish for drunk). When he died we were all devastated and I won't get into details. My dad was especially sad and we were worried about him. A couple of months later one of my dad's neighbors gave my dad a puppy and he named him Borracho II. He is very loved by my dad and it's funny because when we go to my dad's house he comes running and is almost stumbling after the kids. His name fits him perfectly!
This is my 'apa' and me. I also took pics of my dad and the kiddos but didn't want to post them here. My dad means the world to me. He is the best! We look alike but I'm a little be lighter. I wub mi 'apa.'

Tomorrow I'm going back to my dad's! He is making cabeza! I wubbbbbbb it! The kids do too but I have to shred it before they eat it...they are weird! LOL! I think I'll make my dad some rice, beans, and papa salad. K, that be it for tonight! Here are the vids!