Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm going to clean up my house right after I post this. I promise! LOL...once I clean I can focus on crafting. If you have been following my blog you can get the idea that I have been going through a lot in my life and it's coming in all sorts of directions! But the good news is that it's getting better or more like settling down.
I'm crafting again but have not finished anything yet. LOL! Doing things half way but can't seem to complete them 100%. I will get back to those projects eventually. =) But I'm crafting and that's all that matters.
I know I have not been around you-tube so much or even watched or left comments for that matter...especially to my friends;I'm so sorry and I hope you understand. I have been watching SOME videos on you-tube and I'm like the minion in 'Despicable Me,' "WHAAAAAAT?!"
I may not have the latest gadgets or even have the mula to buy the latest thing but I know I can craft with what I have. The crafting world IS for EVERYONE. It shouldn't be a popularity contest or even who has the most. It should be what comes out of the heart and not forgetting where you came from. People have feelings and THOSE who are hurting feelings really need to think before they speak. Humility is probably one of the best attributes of a crafter and there are a lot of people who are like that in this crafting community. My hats off to you girls!
So, with all this said...=) I'm going to go clean and craft. Craft my butt off and I don't care what no one says!!!!!! =P I'm a crafter and it doesn't matter who you know, how much money you have or don't have...I will be humble, happy, silly, grounded and surround myself with people who really care. I will not be one of those crafters that step on people to get on top. I will craft from my heart and hope people will accept me for who I am. If you agree with what I said leave me a comment. =) J/ don't have to leave a comment. You guys are probably shocked of what came out of my mouth. Aveces meto la pata el mi boca...tsk tsk tsk. Anyway...just wanted to speak my mind. Aye Linda, que dije! =)~


  1. I agree with you completely! Craft away and you just continue to be the wonderful person that you are!
    Lynn (Sheree)

  2. I am so happy you are back on YT. You are so right, you go girl!!! Craft from the heart, love it and you were missed by many, Hugz

  3. Aye couldn't have said this any true, how true. I can't wait to see your new porjects and what we have been talking about! shhhhhhh! :) And no you don't put your pata in la what needs to be said & heard! :) Love Ya Ami...TQM! :)

  4. Thank you girls! I really appreciate it. I had to say what i was feeling and I'm glad I did. So I'm crafting my hands off! Sometimes i get scared of what i say! LOL! And I'm crafting like crazy! Aye Linda, you are my little mojo that i lost but have found!