Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I just had to share! My friend, Brenda (a.k.a my friend out of work), gave me an early Christmas present that I was not expecting! She gave me a St. Patrick's themed nutcracker and one of my other favorite movie for Christmas A Christmas Story ornaments! Yeah, I know! I was super excited and I teared up! I made her tear up too! LOL! It was so sweet of her and such an unexpected gift.  I wub her!!!!! =) 

I'm using my St. Patrick's nutcracker as my background for St. Patrick's day fa sho! and my ornaments are already hanging from my tree! So going to watch my movie!

And then my scissors! They broke! Can you believe it?!?! I guess I didn't know my own strength! LMAO! I have been crafting like crazy so maybe that's why? Hmm.  I'm glad I have a back-up!  Actually on of my scissors (the good ones) my kids got a hold of and left them on the ground and my dumb dogs chewed up the handle! I was so mad but it still works! Need to get me some new scissors! Ughh!!!!!!!!


  1. Buenas Dias Hermana! :) Aye that nutcracker is cool...I can see you now when you opened the gift and seen it...I bet you were like "noooooooo...Ahhhhhhhhh....Aye!" I can also see you jumping around too. Aye LMBO...TQM Chica Me <3 U! :D

  2. I can just see you doing the Happy Dance when you saw that awsome Nutcracker. Thank god you didn't break your gift when opening it with that strenth you have. LOL

  3. What a sweet and thoughtful gift from your co-worker, I guess everyone knows how much you love nutcrackers. Maybe if you have been a good girl, Santa may bring you some scissors....

  4. Linda: yes yes I did. I cried, screamed and laughed. I even made my co-worker cry! It was so funny. I would jump but we were in her car when she gave it to me. =)

    bluucaca: I was doing my sitting dance. I dance a lot better while sitting. LOL! And yes, I'm so happy I didn't break it using my strong muscles! =)

    Kimscrapper: It was very sweet of her. You know how I love nutcrackers! Jajaja! I know! I need a new pair of scissors but this time hide them from my family!