Sunday, November 6, 2011

Time to clean!

I have a mission or more like a challenge for myself...
I have been saying that since last week...Linda knows. Jajaja! So that is my plan today. And when I mean clean...I mean clean. Like reorganizing my space again. Aye, I'm so scared of what's to come because I have so much to move around! I will be taking before and afters just because I want you guys to see my progress and then maybe I will get in the mood to fully immerse myself in my crafting again because I miss it. Plus, I have ALOT of projects that I need to finish and some to start. I let Halloween and dia de los muertos pass by me and that was not cool at all! grrrr!

So what else have I been up too? Lots! I didn't get to go to the bestie (linda) and me didn't get to do what we planned but hopefully we will in the future. I'm still working, thank God, but my time is coming to an end and it's scurry because I still don't have another job lined up. I haven't been to any craft store in a long time and that sucks. I haven't really watched many videos. I have drama going on in my life too but I always have to say to myself that my problems are not as bad as other people around me. Just lots happening but I know God will not give me what I can't handle. So I will move forward and get myself out of this rut! So today I WILL start to clean and reorganize my space! Wish me luck guys and hope to make some vids soon.

and as my favorite sis-in-law would say, "Merr" =) How did I do Moe? Jajaja


  1. Aye Ami! Didn't you tell me you got your work area cleaned...cmon gotta make xmas goodies! Think Santa Workshop...lil elves running around...Nutcrackers all lined in a row...xmas lights that blink of bright red, blue, and green...AYEEEEEEE....xmas cards that you need to send out...and the best part...being with all the people you love....aye....I wanna cry...LOL...getting mushy You Bestie! Big Hugs! :) MERRY CHRISTMAS SUSI! .....AYE MIRA... :') HAPPY TEARS! LOL!

  2. LOL! Aww Linda! You make me laugh and cry all at the same time! Thanks ami! You are the bestest! I wub you so mucho and this trip is going to happen! Watcha! and's clean...well, was clean cause I'm I'm going to craft some more with your playlist playing in the background while I start all the Christmas stuff and our nanoysushi stuff! I'm motivated!!!! Woot woot!!! K, gotta go and clean mi casa so I can craft comfortably! Gotta make some mula!