Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stuffed Silly!

It's Thanksgiving and boy did I have an awesome day. I got to spend time with the people that I love dearly. My dad is 81 years old and I tried to convince him to come to my house but you know what he said? That he can't because who would watch his house. LMAO! He cracked me up! So I brought Thanksgiving to his house. It was nice but he asked for his pumpkin pie, popcorn and his new pants. Sheesh, rushing me and everything! LOL! Well, since I screwed up I'm taking all his requests and giving them to him manana. He was all excited and couldn't wait to eat some pie with 'cafesito' =)

I'm liking my new outlook in life. This whole appreciate who you have right now is AWESOME! I seem a happier and full-filled. Yeah, me likey! My b.i.l and his wife Moe are going to come and visit us and I'm glad to spend time with family.

I'm still full from all the food and that dang pumpkin pie is calling my freaking name! But gotta wait for my s.i.l to get here cause she wants to try it! I'm such and amazing cook even if it's from a can! Jajajaja. K, that's it.

Happy thanksgiving guys! Hope you had a wonderful dinner and it was full of joy with your loved ones near and far. See you guys soon!

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