Saturday, November 26, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

Got a lot accomplished today. Put all my laundry away and the house is clean except for the kids room, craft corner and my kitchen is a little dirty. =) Gonna cook some turkey, gravy and stuffing for tomorrow since we didn't get together with my husband's parents and then my b.i.l and s.i.l are leaving back to Oceanside and not coming back until Christmas. So that's going to be cool.

We decorated the house for Christmas and I wubb it! My kids did an amazing job! And can I say that I have a lot of nutcrackers? Yeah, I finally acknowledged it. 'Hi, my name is Susi and I have a problem collecting Nutcrackers.' My owl collection doesn't compare! Jajaja! And finally I get to show you guys some pictures! Yay! =)

Just one of my Nutcracker ornaments.

I loved this picture and how the white Christmas tree brings out the colors of all the trimmings.

My kid's little hands amazing decorating skills. =)

I WUBB these nutcrackers! They are sewing themed and I adore that!!!!

Another one of my favs! A shopping nutcracker!

Just some of my nutcrackers!

Here are my other fancy ones.

My gingerbread house with a gingerbread nutcracker!

My big headed nutcracker! LOL!

Finally, my Mexican Nutcracker! I adore this one! AHHHH!


  1. Aye Ami...i wanna go to your casa for Navidad!!!! Your nutcracker collection is Awesome...and unique just like you! :)Where n the heck did you find the beaner nutcracker?....Freakin ADORABLE! :) But I have to say the Gingerbread nutcracker is my flippin cute! Abrazos Ami!

  2. Come on over! LOL! Yeah, I'm scared to get them down! I have so so many! And the Mexi one my friend LaDonna got it for me for Christmas. and the gingerbread nutcracker I got it at Joann's! K, me off the take shower clean house and work on tons of stuff that I need to work on! Ayeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Soooo much to do but so excited!!!!