Friday, October 21, 2011

No no no

Hey guys. Yeah, have not been to much in the mood to do much of anything. Need to find some motivation man! I do have some good news though!!!! I found my camcorder!!!!! Yay!!!!! Linda told me that I could start making videos again but nahh. To tell you this much I almost thought about deleting all my videos! How crazy it that???? Dang...Ughhhhhh! I will be ok. Just need to get with it! This is so freaking frustrating! WHYY?!?!?! Anywho, dropping by to say hi.
I should blog more often...kinda therapeutic...talking to myself. Jajaja! I can even give myself advise that I should listen too! I'm getting restless! UGHHHHHHHHH!!!! Pep talk Susi! Pep talk! Andale, animo!


  1. Aye Ami...get motivated already.....ANIMO! ANIMO! Is that helpin? LOL....but for reals...did you get your room done? Cmon....craft it! craft it! I dont know what "it" is but get busy doin "IT!" LOL! TQM Ami! <3

  2. Aye ami! I know I know!!! I have been in a funk and so need to get out of it! I can't stand myself either!!!! Ughh! I get on my nerves! LOL!