Sunday, September 11, 2011

No Camera Action for me

My awful esposo lost my camcorder and still can't find it. My webcam can only go so far and it's not HD. NOOO! Hopefully by next week I will be buying myself a new camcorder. Crossing my fingers.

I also have to work manana so I won't be able to post up pics tonight. Just wanted to drop by and give you guys an update and hopefully I'll be posting pics of ALL my UNFINISHED projects. Linda, you are no longer the Queen of unfinished projects anymore. Don't cry. Be strong! =D I'll talk to you guys tomorrow!


  1. Awwww....don't cry'll get another one! :) And me be strong....but I have a shirt that say's me is Queen of Unfinished Projects...where's yours? BRAGGIN...hahahahah TQM Ami! Hugs! :p

  2. Still no camera!?! Ugh, I would go insane. LOL! ~Elizabeth