Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm back like I promised!

Like I promised yesterday, I have pictures of all my unfinished work! Yes, Linda...I am the QUEEN of unfinished projects. Watcha! =) This isn't even all my unfinished projects either!

My mini telephone mini I still have not finished...=(

The front and back cover of an owl book I'm working on too...

Oh! And my toaster mini album! LOL! I will get it done gosh darn it!

A dia de los muertos card I'm working on...Aye what have I done to myself!

Paper bag albums that I need to work on too! OOOH que la!

My little house that I still have not finished. Dang it to heck!

Sidenote: Lately I have really been into Barlow Girl music. I love their music!

Every time I try to find a book in the bible it takes me forever! So I found these little tabs! I'm so excited! I know it may seem weird to even bring this up but I'm seriously excited.


  1. Hey chica! Those are a lot of unfinished projects....I I thought I was bad. LOL! ~Elizabeth

  2. Ooooh no! Que mala...Ya estoy llorando!!! Por tu culpa!!! Hahaha! And seriously that's no all of them! I have to many more! It's ree-donk-you-lous! =) Thanks for leaving a comment friend.