Tuesday, August 23, 2011

De todo!

Oh my goodness! I'm in a paper bag avalanche and the red tape is nearly extinct! I have been on this kick of making paper bag albums...or at least the paper bags themselves. How did this all start?!?! My fav sil's bro and future wife want me to make an album of their Hawaiian vacation which was also where my sil's bro asked her future wife's hand in marriage! Aye, the pressure! I thought that a paper bag mini-album would work out best because I will be able to use the pics in their original size. So I'm so excited and already have some ideas! Wish me luck!

A little extra something something...=) So, I don't really eat candy (my thing is soda! It's the most evilest thing EVER!) but I was craving one so so bad...I think it was because of the woman's curse! So I had myself a snickers. I mean, what could possible go wrong with eating a snickers?!

Well, I was eating it and for some reason it tasted very different. It reminded me of drinking formula or soy milk! Fuchi caca!

I read the ingredients and as it turns out it has...ready?...skim milk, soy lecithin, and soybean oil!!!! EEEEW! So I wonder why I have never really tasted that before. I think it can be 2 things. I don't eat candy that often or my taste buds are really off...seriously...I messed up my taste buds. I think it happened when I had 'fever in my stomach' and my tongue got stuck on the roof of my mouth when I was asleep and my tongue has not been the same since. SERIOUSLY! Here, I'll show you!

See! I told you! And you didn't believe me! How rude! =D

My kiddos started school and I was inspired by some back-to-school nail art and I decided to use my daughter's nails as my guinea pig! She was more than happy to oblige. =) I made her nails look like note book paper and she loves it!

Now for my bubba. I rented the movie Red Riding Hood and he wanted to see it. I told him that it wasn't really a kids kinda movie. I told him that the the wolf killed a lot of people and it was very bloody. He asked me what I meant and I told him that the wolf jumped out and ripped peoples heads and there was a lot of blood. He looked a bit confused and then the says,"mommy, like this?" ...and then he proceeds to show me...


  1. I Love Abby's nails...Brilliant...note book paper nails...I want mine done!!!! And tell Bubba I can see him in his chones! hahahaha! And DAMMMMMMMN your lengua looks like it was chewed on! LOL! Por Lengua! hahaha...and get to it on those paper bag mini's...Ohhhhh Hawaii...can't wait to see what you come up with! :)

  2. Thank you so much ami! And yes, I know I'm too good for my own good! hahaha! Yeah, and my lungua is still the same! Ughh! Nooooooo! and yes bubba said it was "so embarrassing mom!"