Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Got my sissors and craft hat on!

Gonna craft till my brain can't create anymore!!!!! I'm on a mission to get myself back to good ol' me! I can do it!!!!!!

So my craft area looks like a tornado hit it! I'm working on so many projects to get me motivated! I'm trying to finish them all so I can show you guys! To tell you the truth the mess I have created is REALLY getting on my nerves but I want to finish gosh darn it!

side-note: My mil bought this for me and I tried to take several pics but I kept shaking! WTH! Anyway it's a family of 4 owls and it says welcome to our home. The owls are missing eyeballs but I'm going to try to fix it and put it up on my wall! It's so cute and I want to see if I can make glasses out of wire to represent us. Maybe some metal flowers for my daughter and me? Hmm...we will see what I do. Anyway, just wanted to share! =) K, off to craft! Booooyaaaa!


  1. In albums missing eyeballs, but I am going to try to fix it and put it on the wall! It's very nice and I want to see if I can make the glasses of wire to represent us.

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  2. Hey Chica....OMG I totally love your lil hat!!!! Freakin Hilarious and Cute! :) Ok....eyeballs missing...ohhh maybe you can find some cool colored canicas to put in them!!!! :) @@ hoot! hoot! LOL

  3. Oops...almost forgot...I left a blog award on my blog for's just YUMMY! :)