Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Everyone is doing it.

Buenas tardes!
So I finally got something almost done! ALMOST! I made a junk/smash journal! It was so much fun! Seriously! I feel so good that I used a lot of what was given to me in RAKs. It was difficult to cut up that paper and I'm just glad I didn't make too many mistakes. I have a lot more owl stuff that was given to me and I will be putting them in my journal. It's enough hoarding! I was feeling like those people on the show "Hoarders!" I was watching one that shocked me! There was a man who was hoarding RATS! Yes, RATS!!!!! I think he had over 2,000 of them!!!!!! Scurry! So I'm feeling good using up my stuff! Yay me!!! K, enough chatting. Here are the pictures! Yay, pictures!!!! =)


  1. Hey Chica... How are you doing? Haven't seen you like forever. Hope everything is ok with you and your fam. Awesome junk/smash book. Love the papers... TFS...

  2. =) I'm doing good. I know I have been MIA for a while but working my buttock off with crafting! I'm trying to finish a project and then I'll show that too! Thanks...I like it too! LOL!

  3. LOVE this smash book!!! Got your Cheeky Mate tag today!!! OMG so much better in person then in video!!! SERIOUSLY! The vid was ok... but in person Ah-mazing! xoxo