Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Baby Made me a Gift!

As I drive out of my drive way to pick up my booger I didn't expect so many road blocks! There was a bunch of orange cones, workers putting down chopopote on the road and everyone and their mama leaving at the exact same time to pick up their kiddos! WHY?!!!!! So I had to take the detour and I arrived at the school 3 minutes late and that's not counting the wait for the buses to pass the crosswalk (we can't cross if there are buses waiting at the stop sign). So I was hustling my big nachas to the gate to pick up my son. He saw me and said,"Mom, I have a surprise for you but you have to wait till we get home." That totally made my heart melt and made me forget my lousy drive over to the school.
We get home and he says, "Mom, can you go stand by your chair and close your eyes?" aww... and I did as he asked and as I stood there with my eyes closed I hear him opening his backpack in such a rush. You could hear his little hands rustling through his bag searching for my treasure. There is something crinkling and then he yells with excitement, "Mom, open your eyes!" and I open them. He gives me a paper bag that says happy Mother's Day but the best part was that he also put it in Spanish..."I put it in Spanish because we are Mexican and apa and abuelita know Spanish." I wanted to just cry. I opened it up and there it was. The most pretty thing I have ever seen...

My baby made me a one of a kind coffee cup! =')

His little artistic hands are on this cup and I will treasure it the way he told me I couldn't put it in the dishwasher and I had to wash it "jennnnnnntly mommy" LOL!

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  1. Aye...why you makin me cry so early in da mornin? I can just see his lil face all smilin when he gave it to you...awwww, those are the best gifts because they are from their precious lil hearts! TQM Ami...and tell lil Ryan he did an Awesome Job on your mug! :)