Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Today was the ehh, ughh, bummer, blaa day...not my peppy self today and I seriously think I'm going to bed after I type up this blog post.

A lot going through my mind and getting depressed a bit. I need to get out of this funk! I was reminded that mother's day was coming up...not looking forward to that. Not feeling so good right now. Ughh...

K, off to bed. It's only 8:48pm and I'm ready to knock out and not think anymore. Good night everyone. Hopefully I will be back to my ol' self soon. =]

...now off to go give my owl a hug and go mimis


  1. awww. well i know this is a hard day coming up but please take comfort in the day and remember the good things and that you are a wonderful mom and friend. sleep it off because sometimes we need a good rest to feel ourselves again and if not... guess what? it's ok to be sad. wishing you the best and i hope you wake up with energy and happiness. xoxo love, amylucimar.

  2. Ami!!!!! No te habia escrito una novela en su totalidad y se me borro!!!!! Pero x que???? Anyways ami sigue adelante sigue y pa tras ni pa tirar inpulso...eh? Hope you and the rest of the ganga are doing great I miss u so much and hope the kiddos are doing great!!! Un abrazo y le tengo que enseñar a mija este post cuando se despierte :) it will make her day :)
    Abrazos Alee'