Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Huevos Exploded!

So, you are asking yourselves, "What the heck is Susi's title talking about?!" "Cochina marana!" I was boiling some eggs yesterday for dinner (was going to make some tuna salad) and I kinda forgot about them...just a little...ok, a lot! Well, I smelled this burning smell and I run to the kitchen and my eggs are all cracked open and there was NO water! So I turn off the stove and am rushing towards the sink to put them in cold water and then...bamm! Pop! Splat! an egg explodes in my freaking face! I screamed like a baby! LOL! It was so scurry!!!!!

So I really need to pay attention next time...My poor poor eggs and I had to throw away my pan! I couldn't take off the smell or the burn stain! Oh, and I tasted one of the eggs and they were still good! Can you believe it?! =D

And this is some of the exploded egg...=( By the time I came back with the camera my dog ate the egg!!!!! For reals!


  1. Lol!!! The title caught my attention...glad u didn't get hurt. Mucho cuidado next time.

  2. LOL!!!OMG girl, you are hilarious! I am totally LOL-ing forreals! I'm glad you didn't get hurt and i'm sure your dog loves you for the 'lil treat he ingested!


    oh btw please stop by my blog, I have an award waiting for you =)

  3. Pobre huevo.... LOL! Good thing your kitchen was still intact and your burnt huevos made a good tuna salad. LOL! Have a happy Easter!