Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gotta love those gift cards...oh and a sneak peek!

So today I got poked and I had to pay for it! What the heck! You know what I could have done with those freaking $15?! Oh my cottage cheese! And man, the freaking TB test hurted! It hurted so bad! I'm a little of a hypochondriac (sometimes referred to as health phobia or health anxiety) especially when I was taking classes that were preparing me for the nursing program...which I never finished but will someday. My friends from my old job would make fun of me because I was so paranoid! Anywho, whenever I get the TB done, what ends up happening is, it get's itchy, swells up, and is hot to the touch. It always looks positive to me but when ever I get it checked it's always negative. So right now it's starting to itch but I'm not scratching! LOL! I know it's going to be negative but still...scurrrrrry! k, so the point of the story? My husband gave me a Starbucks gift card for Christmas ( I love their hot chocolate and breads) and I decided to treat myself to Starbucks because I got an ouchi. =) And guess how much I have left over? .90 cents! LMFO and LMPPO!!!!!
...and here is my large hot chocolate and my banana nut jealous, be very jealous! =}

Oh! And a sneak peak! SHHHHHHH! You no say nada and me no say nada! K K here is the sneak peek of the project that I did for Linda's Blog Hop that is going on on March 12th !

I can hear the complaining already, "What kind of hint is this?!" "WHAAAAAAT?!" "Porquuuuuuuuuuuuue?!" =) Be patient my children...only one more week! =) Ooooh did I mention there will be a give-away?! K, you will have to wait for more details later. Aww mannnnnn!


  1. Your so funny chica...sorry you had to get poked friend...when I get poked they love my viens...I swear I look like a road map sometimes that's how visible they are...LOL! I love your sneek peak ami! TQM! :)

  2. Do you wanna kiss my booboo and make it feel better? hahahaha! Yeah, they love my veins too pero this time it was like poking through the top layer of my skin and putting liquid in forcing a bubble to rise up, separating my layers of skin and when they were putting it in I could feel my layers of skin separating...oussssssshy! Gracias...yeah my sneak peek doesn't really show nada! hahaha!

  3. my hubble just got poked for TB too. i'm sorry you got an ouchi! oh my GAH!!! your sneak peek is driving my NUTZOID! don't ask where that is. lol. ok, i see flowers and some gliterry-ness too! i looked at the pic and i was moving my head to see around the book like a dum dum. it's not 3D or anything. haha. i'm so glad nobody saw me doing that.

  4. LOL! And now it's red and itchy and hotter! I want to scratch so so so bad! LOL! O.k....I have done that too! That is so freaking hilarious! Well, there is only a week left and you will be able to see it. I was cracking up so so bad when I read this! I think I'm getting a hernia! LOL!

  5. Susie pobresita I hate those TB tests like crazy.... :( hope it's not as itchy now lol and great sneek peak u and Nataleigh couldn't wait a no mujeres estas....... Can't wait to see it pero ya vi que te quedo pechochon el mini yay one more week.... Need to get busy ahi ahi ahi ayayayayayayayayaya omg I need to when I get back that's what Im doing first thing..... Abrazos ALee'