Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Did I dooooo That?"

Well, this is what happens when you are not paying attention! I wanted to make cake and I sure did! I made a mountain...a mountain that looked like it was about to explode! I should have put the cake mix into 2 pans pero nooooooo! I didn't listen! tsk tsk tsk...=)

So what have I been up too? Well, getting adjusted to my new schedule and I think I'm getting better at it! I'm running behind on some things which is not like me at all so I need to get my butt in gear! I was going to craft today but I ended up getting stuff done and tomorrow looks like a busy day. Aye! Me gots to go and check some mail and ughh!!!!! Too much! LOL!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Donde andas?!

K, so if you have seen my recent video you know why I have been m.i.a. Aye! But I'm going to try to adjust the best I can and hopefully I will be able to post more on my blog and make more vids. I'm no longer a night owl and it sucks a bunch of feathers! PORQUE!!!!! =`( It's 9:38pm and I'm already sleepy! WTH! Oh well, I guess that's the way it's gots to be...but at least I will have mula to save up for the Expo! Yay! Oh, and let's not forget that I will be able to buy some scrap-booking supplies...well if I have enough after I buy some uniforms because I rotate between two of them! How embarrassing!

So in between that I have been making cards and I love making them! I was inspired by thenorsugirl on you-tube. She has some amazing cards and you should check her out! K here are the cards I have made with my Gamsol and Crayola colored pencils!

Friday, March 11, 2011

ScrapChica's Easter/Springtime Blog Hop!

Woot woot! This is so freaking exciting!!!! It's time for Linda's blog hop and I'm hopping for joy! =) K so here is what I made for my Easter/Springtime thingy! I am so loving it!

I was inspired by one of my favorite candies of all time...well, when Easter comes along anyway...PEEPS! They are full of sugary goodness! Have you ever tried to melt them in the microwave?! Try it! They don't melt! Yummy! I can't wait to buy some and eat the whole box! Me no sharing!

For the cover I got some much needed help from Linda! She is the one who showed me through the phone how to put glitter on my peep using the xeron! Worked out perfectly!

I used buttons, green floral wire and green skinny ribbon to make them look like flowers. The spiral flowers were from Roxycar11's amazing tutorial. I took apart a clear pearl necklace and placed a bead in the center of each flower.

I hope you liked my Peep mini-album...well, did you? Hmm.............K, so if you like it so much why don't you enter my give-away?! Well?! =)

I'm going to be giving-away a Peep kit! Say WHAAAAAAAAAT?! Yes, a Peep kit! All you have to do is be a follower of my blog and post an AWESOME comment on this blog. That's it! I will be picking a wiener by the next couple of hurry! It's only for a limited time!

K, so what's next? Follow along this wonderful list of amazing artists! I can't wait to see what everyone did and I can't wait for all of you to "hop" along with us! Now come on and follow me to 'Spring fever!!!!!!' Hahahahaha!

1. Linda
2. Me!
3. Vero
4. Alee'
5. Nataleigh
6. Stephanie
7. Nancy
8. Cynthia
9. Jackie
10. Yolie
11. Ruthie
12. Zoe

I want to give Linda a special thanks. You are an amazing person with a wonderful heart. TQM ami y I will always treasure your friendship.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Look at what I did!

I have had my gamsol for quite some time but have not busted out with it. Why? I felt threatened! What if I get high off of it? What if I start a fire? Oooooye cu cuy! =) Anyway I did my research and I found this amazing vid on youtube. I can't believe I did it!!!! I'm so proud of myself!!! Aye, mi muy chingona!

Gotta love those gift cards...oh and a sneak peek!

So today I got poked and I had to pay for it! What the heck! You know what I could have done with those freaking $15?! Oh my cottage cheese! And man, the freaking TB test hurted! It hurted so bad! I'm a little of a hypochondriac (sometimes referred to as health phobia or health anxiety) especially when I was taking classes that were preparing me for the nursing program...which I never finished but will someday. My friends from my old job would make fun of me because I was so paranoid! Anywho, whenever I get the TB done, what ends up happening is, it get's itchy, swells up, and is hot to the touch. It always looks positive to me but when ever I get it checked it's always negative. So right now it's starting to itch but I'm not scratching! LOL! I know it's going to be negative but still...scurrrrrry! k, so the point of the story? My husband gave me a Starbucks gift card for Christmas ( I love their hot chocolate and breads) and I decided to treat myself to Starbucks because I got an ouchi. =) And guess how much I have left over? .90 cents! LMFO and LMPPO!!!!!
...and here is my large hot chocolate and my banana nut jealous, be very jealous! =}

Oh! And a sneak peak! SHHHHHHH! You no say nada and me no say nada! K K here is the sneak peek of the project that I did for Linda's Blog Hop that is going on on March 12th !

I can hear the complaining already, "What kind of hint is this?!" "WHAAAAAAT?!" "Porquuuuuuuuuuuuue?!" =) Be patient my children...only one more week! =) Ooooh did I mention there will be a give-away?! K, you will have to wait for more details later. Aww mannnnnn!