Friday, February 4, 2011

What a Wonderful Day!

Today was one of those wonderful days. I received some packages and some amazing belated birthday gifts. I also went to my dad's house and finally was able to take some pics of him and the kids! I always seem to forget my camera! Hahaha! It was just a nice day. A happy day.

This is the owl that Jenny made for me. Alee' was making these like a crazed woman and she was making me one but was not feeling it so Jenny asked Alee' if she could make it for me. Well, I'm so glad Alee' said yes because it is gorgeous and I have been wanting one FOREVER! I finally got one!

My second belated gift was also amazing! I received so many owls! Maritza sent me some owl Christmas ornaments, owl paper, owl embelies, owl jewelry and an amazing card! I was in owl heaven! I will post the vids below.

This is a pic of my 'apa' with his dog, Borracho II! I love his mo-hawk! Freaking hilarious! Now, let me explain the dog's name. He was named after a dog that we had before. The reason that Borracho was named Borracho was because he was the rut of the group and when he walked he looked like he was drunk (Borracho is Spanish for drunk). When he died we were all devastated and I won't get into details. My dad was especially sad and we were worried about him. A couple of months later one of my dad's neighbors gave my dad a puppy and he named him Borracho II. He is very loved by my dad and it's funny because when we go to my dad's house he comes running and is almost stumbling after the kids. His name fits him perfectly!
This is my 'apa' and me. I also took pics of my dad and the kiddos but didn't want to post them here. My dad means the world to me. He is the best! We look alike but I'm a little be lighter. I wub mi 'apa.'

Tomorrow I'm going back to my dad's! He is making cabeza! I wubbbbbbb it! The kids do too but I have to shred it before they eat it...they are weird! LOL! I think I'll make my dad some rice, beans, and papa salad. K, that be it for tonight! Here are the vids!


  1. OMG! I love the pic of you and your dad girl...I've been spending a lot of time with my dad and my life will and would be nothing without him. Aye! I'm cryin :( but it's all good...and love the pic of Borracho II... how cute is he...ok u can ask now...Why You Cryin??? LOL...TQM Amiga!

  2. OMG!! Me encanta el matamoscas en la pared... LOL ! Mi abue uvo 3 perritos y todos se llamaron "Basura" fue una tradicion hermosa. TeeHee. Te felizito pot tu familia .