Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's leaking!

So I get up this morning and I forgot to put some toilet paper up my nose. Yes, I put toilet paper up my nose during my beauty sleep when I am sick. You may be asking yourselves, "Why in the heck do you do that?" I know, it could be dangerous but I hate that my nose leaks, especially during the night when I don't have the knowledge that I'm leaking!

So this is my routine... I fold the toilet paper until it looks sort of like a cone and stuff it up there but I have to make sure I'm sleeping on that particular side. Now, if I'm lucky I wake up when I turn to the other side and I get a new piece of toilet paper and put it in but if I don't I wake up with...I won't even say it! Let's just say my pillow and my face get very yucky! =)

So when I wake up today I do my morning routine and my nose starts leaking! So here I am with toilet paper up my nose again! I can't blow it out cause then my ear crackles! I can't go to the doctor because I have no insurance! I can't take any meds cause all I have is night-quil...I get high with that sucker. If I take it my senses got crazy! My sheets, that are super smooth, feel very rough to the touch. When I hear people talking they sound like the freaking adults talking from Charlie Brown! And if I look at the foot of my bed the space surrounding me looks like it's stretching and moving away from me. Yeah, don't do night-quil unless I really really have to and when I do I just close my eyes and stay still...or at least try. LOL!

I have been getting sick this whole week and it's getting worse! Where is my orange juice when I need it! Porrrrrrqueeeeee! Aye, let's just hope I don't get guys won't want to see that picture!

Oooh! Some good news! I'm getting stuff done! Woot woot! Well, not done done but I'm getting there! Let's see how I feel during the day and maybe I will be able to craft in a bit. Ahh...con boogers y todo and I want to craft. Hahaha! 1:35, that's what it feels like and looks like when my nose is leaking! LOL! Enjoy!


  1. Hey Susi, Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" is my ring tone when my Hubby calls. :-)

  2. OH MY are too crazy girly...I love it...aye your poor nose...hope you get to feelin better y pronto! TQM! :)

  3. OMG...I love your header up I needs one!!!! I'll see what I can finds later...not right now right now...but later later! hahahahaha! :p

  4. Ahi ami yup u sounded bad yesterday, but OMG girl u look mala!!!! Hope u get better ASAP so u can craft w/out ur moquillos.... lol ;) I too feel horrible my chest hurts my throat thinks it has strep and my head is punding with the fever I carry seriously I hate being sick!!!Get better ami y I luv ur header :) encontre otro :) luego te doy el link!!! Se ve lindo lindo!!!! Abrazos y saludos a todos!!! Alee'

  5. too much! I hope you feel better soon. I hate that...LOL.. TFS...

  6. I seeriously dont know how you can still be funny when you're sick.
    Hope you feel better soon!