Monday, February 21, 2011

It's all About Multi-tasking!

K, so as many of you know I'm sick but feeling better...I think. I think sweating it out is helping! Let's go Zumba! LOL! Woot woot! So my friend, LaDonna, took the kids after we worked out (she was their babysitter and my kids love her like she was family as does she) because the kids really wanted to go, sooooo....guess what?

You would think I would take a nap but nope! I'm doing laundry and cleaning up my scrap area, watching "Downsize" AND I'm listening to the music from other blogs! LOL! I'm using my compoopers and a radio! Freaking funny! I go from Alee's to Linda's to Lilly's to mine!

After I get done with everything, I'm hoping to get some sewing done! Gotta fix the Knee part of my son's jeans...ughhhh! That sucks! And then maybe start sewing for fun! YEAH! =)

K, gotta go cause Downsizing is back on!


  1. Yay!!! Sewing for fun sounds better than cleaning for sure!!!! Glad u had a good afternoon my friend!!!! Glad u feeling better :) Abrazos Alee'

  2. Gracias ami...pero no sew me. =( I got busy with other things! LOL! Hopefully tomorrow! Oh and I need to talk to you!