Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm Special!

O.k. I was like "Whaaaat?!" Mrs. Amy from Amylucimar picked mee! Lil' ol' me for the Stylish Blogger Award! I'm so honored and when I saw that she chose me I was tearing up. It's hard to believe! Just an amazing thing! Thank you so much Amy!

K, I know it's be a while since she had posted this award on her blog but I had a difficult task at hand! Not only do I have to share 8 things about me I also had to pick 8 of my buddies! Yeah I know! How could I choose? This was hard!

K, so I'll start with the lista (a lot of you already a lot of what I will be listing)....tan tan tan taaaaan

Numero 1. Hmm...well, did you know that I love owls, nutcrackers, and Chococat? Noooo! REALLY?!

Numero 2. I'm really shy. Seriously! Ughh! Fine don't believe me! =P

Numero 3. One of my toes is longer than the other. No lie!

Numero 4. I love to watch football and when I get into the game I yell, jump, scream at the screen and my esposo always tells me, "Susi! Calm down!" =) You should see me when I go to a real game!

Numero 5. My first love was art and I wanted to be an a way my dream has come true.

Numero 6. My esposo was, my first boyfriend, was my first kiss, is the love of my life but we are total opposites. He was the "cholo" and I was "nerdy shy girl." Oh! He also gave me my "boogers!"...the other loves of my life.

Numero 7. I used to play the clarinet but I only got as far and "Hot Cross Buns" and "Mary had a Little Lamb." Umm...I didn't like the teacher so I purposely forgot my clarinet 3 times because I knew I would get kicked out! And get this, my daughter had the same teacher! LOL! (We have moved since then and she loves the new teacher at the new school)

Numero 8. Ahhh! My last one! Hmm...what should the last one be? One of my deepest secrets...eek...Once in a great while I eat dirt! No seriously! Well, only when I'm anemic...yeah, I know it's bad. I love it when the first rain hits the pavement and dirt! The smell drives my wild! Sometimes. =) Don't judge people! It's a great source of iron!

I hope you enjoyed my 8 things about me. =)

K, now for my list....aye! This was so hard!
In no particular order...

1. Linda scrapchica - I wub her whimsical and unique style! She is always comes up with something new and exciting! I adore her work.

2. Alee' jentaleigh - The flower embellishment queen. Most of Alee's work always has flowers and if she didn't add them it wouldn't be her. She make some of the most beautiful projects and I'm a proud owner of a lot of them.

3. Nancy pinkbellamia - She is the queen of layouts! When I went to visit I was able to see her her albums and WOW! Then she comes out with this canvas she did for her sister's and dannnnng!

4. Lilly 10angelkisses - Oh my gosh to see her greeting farm cards, I just drool over them! And then she makes these amazing minis that you just want to lick them! No seriously! =)

These ladies that I chose inspire me and I'm always in awe of their work. Thank you ladies for sharing your ideas.


  1. Ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiii heart ya seriously thank u :) U are super stylish you are like the bestest and thank you from the bottom of my heart because if it wasn't for u my blog wouldn't be up and running u deserve this award more than anyone u the bestest of the bestest!!!!!! <3 ya Alee'

  2. Aye me feels special too...and I loved reading all about you...and even I know most of it...I LOVED it! :) And to tell you the truth...I don't think that's strange about eatin the dirt...I don't but I know people who do! Thank you so much for this award...Aye two awards this week...I have the bestest friends in the world! But do I have to say 8 things about me...aye no...only 4 y ya! LMAO! TQM Chica...I'd be lost in this world without you...aye your gonna make me cry! :,)

  3. Alee' and both know you mean the world to me! You guys are the bestest and I'm blessed to have you in my life. I know I have said that time and time again but I really mean it. LQM!