Thursday, February 17, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

Busy #1 Aye! I'm doing so much it's CRAZY! I have been cutting chipboard and filing it down...Oh my gosh you should have seen me! I was covered in dust! I had a hard time looking through my glasses, my hair had a film of dust, my pants were no longer blue and when I blew my nose it was brown (no boogers!). I had to take a shower after that! =D

Busy #2 I have been working out again. I don't want to be stick thin at all...I want to get down to a size 18 and I will be happy. I have been doing a mixture of Zumba and P90X...yes P90X! Last year I was just doing that and I did go down to an 18 (in just a couple of months) so we will see what happens. I don't believe in diets...I have fallen off tooooo many times and I don't want to do things I used to do because they are not healthy. So I am attempting to eat right. Aye!

Busy #3 I have been getting organized and starting and finishing projects but I can't show them because they are gifts! I have a lot to do! ALOT!

Busy #4 Busy with life! LOL! My family, friends, casa....but I love it! It's been great and I'm looking forward to happier and better times. Being grateful for what I do have and thanking God for all the good things in my life. Loving the people I am surrounding myself with and you guys know who I'm talking about. I wubb you all!

sorry no pics...maybe next time! Hahaha!

Peace out mis amis! LQM!


  1. Estoy contigo Susi, las dietas nada mas sirven para quebrarlas... y despues to sientes mal por no poder terminarlas.... Boo a las dietas, Y Super Boo a las flacas!! Jaa Jaa Jaa

    My man likes the cushion... fo' sheesee

  2. Esatoy de acuerdo con HOLY SCRAP :) boooohhhhh a las dietas hate them!!!! Ami nada q ver no estamos gordis solo rellenitas :P asi nos vemos mas bonitas :) Any ways I know u have been crazy busy :) and girl siguele echandole ganas aver si me animo hacer ejercicios tambien en serio para Noviembre estar rechula :) lol Bueno ami have a blessed night te llamo manana a las 6AM ehhhhhhhhhhh that's 4AM for u just kidding ya se q te levantas a las 12PM shhhhhhhhh no te asustes no le digo a Ryan lol bueno te llamo como a las 12PM mias mas o menos aver si ya te levantastes lol la quelo mucho :) un abrazote y saludos a todos!!! Alee'

  3. Si boo a las mugres dietas! Ser gorditas es mejor! Woot woot! Gracias girlies!