Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sick Ass Corner no More!

Yessssssssssss! I'm done with my "sick ass" corner! Well, 98% of it because my drawers are still not completely organized. I now feel I can actually craft! Woot woot!
My lovely desk is done! I love it at this corner so much more. This way when I do craft I will be able to watch vids. from you tube while I craft. AWESOME!!!!
I'm so happy how the table came out! I just need to buy some fabric to make a skirt for the table...hopefully my hubby will let me buy some fabric today! Here is crossing my fingers!!!!!
This didn't change much except for the owl plaque and the purple lamp by my night stand.
So the bulletin board broke because I tried to staple something on it...dang it to heck! So I had to place all my magnets on my filing cabinet. It actually looks cute! Cool beans, cool beans.

After cleaning my filing cabinet look how much room I have now! Now to start filing my templates! I'm so happy!
K, the bottom is not that isn't so organized but it's getting there.

Aww...My walls look so so empty without all my stuff on it! =( My husband is supposed to put up the shelves...well actually yesterday but he had a rough time at work and was too tired. Oh, and today it looks like he won't be doing it either because we are going to Bakers. to pay some bills...=( Maybe tomorrow night if not during the weekend. Man! I am not patient!!!!!!! "I want it now daddy!" =D


  1. Yeah for your corner!!!! Now get busy Amiga and make your Beautiful Art! :) TQM!

  2. You are so funny girlfriend! Keep up the good work...and tell your DH to stop lagging! ha ha

  3. Do you take your own pictures? Man-- that takes talent . TFS !! ;0) Norma