Monday, January 10, 2011

Moved the Big Stuff! Booyaa!

Woohoo! I'm making so much progress! I finally moved the table and desk to the places I wanted them at. Tomorrow I will take ALL of the things off the wall so my husband can put the shelves up and take the scrap-booking stuff out of my filing cabinet cause I need it to file my things! I'm so excited and it's becoming so much more functional! Yay for me!

This was the wall where my "working" table was at...the filing cabinet stayed where it was. This was the darkest corner of my working space and wasn't really good to craft at.

This was where my sewing machine desk was at. When I went to Nancy's (pinkbellamia) house for the weekend of the expo she had these kind of bed risers for her working table. I like to work standing up and now I am able to do that! Thanks Nancy! It also gives me a lot more room to put stuff under it. I need to make a curtain to cover the bottom of the table.
I used to have a burgundy chair in this area but I moved it to make room for my cubes! My husband doesn't seem to like it so much. I think he has a fear of me taking over our whole room! I would never do that! =]

This is the filing cabinet that was once an ugly beige and my husband sprayed painted it this awesome color a long time ago. I was planning to use it as a filing cabinet but instead I ended up putting scrap-booking stuff...oopsie...

Here is the top drawer and as you can see I started to file some things but my chipboard items took over! AHHHH! Attack of the chipboard monster!

Here are some of my chipboard albums that I had a hard time getting into. Now it's easy to get too...but I'm going to take out all of the items from the top and bottom drawer and use it as it was meant to be used! Yes! I finally will be able to file what I need to file!
These are the other things I need to take off my wall to put my shelves up and that way I can display my gifts and swaps I was given...

Ooh and on this wall will be more shelves so I can display my wonderful owls! Hmm...maybe I can display some of my nutcrackers and my chococat? Something to think about!
So I will be giving you guys updates...hopefully I can get the walls stuff down and put my shelves up tomorrow and maybe empty my filing cabinet. Eeeek!

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