Sunday, January 23, 2011

What my "Lazy Day" looks like?

Oh, such hard work today! I slept for 1/2 the day to restore my beauty from yesterday. I was forced to get out of bed to feed my amazing mouth...=) Not but really...I did sleep till 11am! I know huh! CRAZY! Today was a lazy day and so much happening! Here are the pictures to show what I did. Enjoy! =]

My m.i.l bought me this vintage style bike and this little owl on books! So freaking cute!

And since I the bike wasn't my size and I couldn't ride it I kindly decided to let on of my little owls ride it...yes, yes, yes I know. I'm so nice to share.

I went to 'General's' where I buy the infamous strawberry Dr. Pepper (Thank you my fav. s.i.l for causing an addiction) and bought me one....oh and in this pic I'm drinking a Vanilla milkshake...this is after I finished my strawberry Dr. Pepper. =)

This is my son watching the Garfield show...And he is still watching it! I told him to take a shower and he said,"Mom, can I take a shower after Garfield?" LOL!

I caught my daughter listening to Taylor Swift and then she got all chy! then she said, "Mom! Take a picture of me with my c.ds!" Hey where did the chyness go? =)

This is my husband "finishing" my newly built computer...umm...why is he watching a movie when he is supposed to be finishing my compoopers! Looks like I will be getting it manana...aww chucks!

This is my newly finished compoopers! It looks all purdy! Now it will match my mouse, keyboard, and screen! NICE! I'm so happy that he can build compoopers! If it wasn't for him I probably would not be able to buy one cause they are super duper expensive!

This is my old compoopers that is giving out. =( I'm so attached to it! I don't want to get rid of it! But the fan is broken and something else is messing up so that's why he is giving me another one that works and he is finishing up. Bye bye my old was an amazing 2 years with each-other. *tear

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