Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oye! What a day!

My day didn't start so happy. DRAMA! Ughhhh! But it ended up being an amazing night. After the day I had I was glad that my friend and I went to the Crystal Palace. We danced the night away and laughed so hard. So hard that I got cramps and it felt like my head was going to explode! Just what I needed. We were walking out of the palace looking like a bunch of drunk women and we didn't even drink...well, unless you consider water with lemon drinking. =D Aye, but I sure needed this. I'm ready to go to bed and I'm so glad to forget, even for a little while, my not so great day.

k, so what did I do crafting wise? I'm working on a tag swap I'm involved in. Theme: Lucky (St. Patrick's day) I decided to do a cute theme and my wonderful bright colors! Ahh...back in my comfort zone! Hahaha! So these pics are a glimpse of what I'm working on. I got the idea of the leprechauns and pot of gold from stamperdog from you-tube. she used ALL stampn' up punches...I didn't have the punches except for one. I improvised and did a lot of it by hand/ paper piecing. I'm loving how it is coming out. Did enough for today and now I'm going mimis! My bed and pillow are calling my name! Hahaha!

The pot of gold and coins...if they were only real!

My little leprechaun and my 3 leaf clover.

It's sho purdy! Hahaha!

This is the #8 tag I cut out of chipboard and glue regular green card stock; I used the stamps that Vero gave me for my b-day and just stamped it all over the paper...loving the look of it! And the pic below shows how I'm thinking of setting it up. I'm also going to add a tag with room for a picture. Hope it comes out right and I hope everyone likes it!


  1. wow, susi, your tag is coming along great.. Can't wait to see it finished. TFS...

  2. Your tag is lookin Wonderful...I'm with Friday...can't wait to see it finished and to hold it in my hand cuz I get one...hee hee! :)