Monday, January 31, 2011

Not Crafting Related Today...Whaaaat?!

Just felt like writing and writing from my heart.

I'm climbing up a mountain and I can see my goal at the very top. I might not reach the top quickly but I know with time I will achieve my goal. As I slowly climb up this mountain I make some milestones that might not be obvious to others but to me they are dreams that become a reality. Anything I do in my life is important to me and it doesn't matter how small or how big they may appear to anyone else. With God's grace, my dreams will become a reality.

Tend to me, water me, prune me, and take care of me and I will fill your senses with a beautiful fragrance and a wonderful sight. I will bring you joy and satisfaction when you put your hard work into my roots and I will give you my all in return. But if you neglect me, I will prick your finger with my thorns and make you feel the pain that I felt. You can gain my trust back but you will never see the purity of my petals if you would have taken care of me from the beginning.


  1. I feel you so much (from my heart)...This is BEAUTIFUL just like you...keep your head up and there is a light at the end of tunnel just look for it and you'll find. I'm here for whatever you need friend! TQM! :)

  2. Muchas gracias ami. Yeah, been having a rough patch but I know with time it will get better. Aye, life. =) TQM and thank you for being there for me and listening to me rant my little heart away.

  3. Ami que bello no sabia q tambies escribias precioso :)
    TQM y ya sabes que eres querida x muchos abrazos Alee'