Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 15 & 16 AWESOME Day 17 half and half =]

=( No pics tonight...everyone say aww...I know, I know so very sad!

K, so what have I been doing for the last 2 days? Well, Saturday night I celebrated my early birthday with some friends at the Crystal Palace (country music where Buck Owens son performs). It was so so much fun. I got some amazing gifts and some very naughty gifts form my 70ish old friend! I told her I was going to surprise her as much as she surprised me and she said,"Oh Susi, I think I would get a heart attack at my age!" We were laughing so much! Hopefully I will be able to post some pictures soon.

Yesterday was my friend's baby shower and it was so much fun! Her mom sells so much amazing accessories and I bought some...hmm...perhaps I will include them in a prize...or maybe I'll be selfish and keep it. I'm bad, so bad! =D My friend's aunt made some chocolate lollipops shaped as a baby carriage, bottle, and booties! They were so cute! And then...dun dun duuuuuun! I found out she also can make some pipi lollipops! What a coincidence! I asked her if she would make me some for my friends b-day in June and she said yes!!!! My friend is going to love love them! LOL! Oh and by the way...I didn't win ONE game! I was so sad...well maybe cause I haven't had any babies around. Yes, I blame it on that!

And today! TODAY...Jan 17th (k, it's actually the 18th now) my birthday! Guess what I did?! Just guess!!!!! I cleaned my room and folded laundry. Yes you read right, I did laundry. I shall not go into details but it was kinda sucky BUT my friends made it awesome! Just the fact that my friends told me happy birthday was more than enough. It made my day and that was one of the best gifts I could have ever received. You know who you are. Lets just say I was in tears and overwhelmed by my friends. I don't know how I could ever thank you guys enough. It went from a bad day to a wonderful evening. I crafted ALOT! I actually finished my blog hop project! I just suddenly got my mojo back and worked on it! I made two and I'm going to give one away and add some other stuff. So if you are an owl lover guess what? You might want to participate in this give-away. I will have more details soon.

K, I think that is it! Woohooo!!! I'm looking at my post and I feel like it's missing something. I know it's the pictures so I will add some pics myself! LOL! Linda, you will recognize these.

<| =) <| =) <| =) <| =) <| =) <| =) <| =) <| =) <| =) <| =) <| =) <| =) <| =) <| =) <| =)
This is my pic for the day...this is me with my birthday party hat! LMAO! Thanks again my friends!


  1. Ami I was gonna call u that day but I thought u would be celebrating all day para aver sabido te llamo :) Glad u had a great time w/ the girls though how fun wish we all could of join in the fun sounds like some fun... lol estas tremendis!!!!!

  2. Que barbara, eres un show !
    I don't need to watch tv with you, you're hilarious.
    Happy Birrffday, again !!

  3. Oh girls...stop...=} Hahaha! Si, Alee' you should have called me! What's wrong with you?! LOL! J/k...tqm! And Norma...LMAO! Oh my gosh!!!! I'll have to keep up with the show just for you! Hahaha! Y muchas gracias