Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mojo Lost and It's all Sick Ass Corner's Fault!

It's no wonder I have lost my mojo! I can't function when I have a mess in my scrapcorner let alone the house! Haha! That is what I'm going to do laundry, clean bathrooms and I think that's it! Yay! Oh and do the little dishes I have. Ugh! A housewife's job is never done!

So as it turns out the only thing I was able to work on was a heart shaped box...a potential Scrapchicky bloghop item? Hmm...maybe. I want to make something different so we will see what I end up doing.

Oh and guess what else I worked on? Yes, I know...I jumped on the bandwagon! Ugh!!!! I didn't want to but I had to! I painted my nails. Yes, I know...=) Hey but I did it myself and I think it came out super cute! So there! =P I am unique in that way! Double =P =P What will I do next! OOOh the suspence of it all! I wonder how many of my 17 blog followers are really reading this or even coming to my blog? K, so I'm going to be testing you...leave a comment if you are reading this! LOL! =D


  1. OMG....Your blog is AWESOME Ami...I love your owls...I tol you's!!!! (G Lopez style!!!) They are Beautiful just like you! Don't Cry!!!! LMAO...and the music...OMG your gonna have to show me how to do that 2! And your so gotta do the minon from Dispicable Me...that would be so cute! :) And your mess...not a should see mine's! LOL TQM Susi!

  2. I am reading are you reading mine hmm that is the question!!!
    No te quellas quien la quielle!!!
    Love the way you have you blog love the color this is totally you.
    I want something like this on mine you have to help!!!

  3. OMG I luvy ur blogy :D u need to make one for me ami yo no se blog estoy media pasada de moda lol..... I luv it luv it luv it!!!! Hugs!!!!

  4. Thank you Jo...after seeing everyone doing the nail art I had to try doing an owl! LOL!

    Linda...aww! I'm all chy now! Thanks for encouraging me to put my mini owls up! Why you making me cry! And I will have to find that yellow nail polish and do your request! TQM!

    Nancy! Of course! Everyday! LOL! Heehee...yes, purple! I wubb it! And yes I will help you! Aye si, muy muy me! Hahaha!

    Alee' I will help you get hip with the times. You are going to be the coolest mom in the blog world! Watcha! Hahaha!

  5. AMIGAAAA! i saw your comment on my blog. it's always you coming to check on me, huh? well i thought i would show you some love. you are one of my greatest sources of inspiration and laughter.... and guess what? i am not going to be on blog hiatus anymore! WOO HOO!!! see you in Youtube land!

    oh i forgot to say what i came to say for reals... YOUR NAIL CAME OUT AMAZING!!! i really can't believe it. you rock!

  6. aww...=) Gracias! Hahaha! And making me blush! LOL! I'm glad you are doing well and woo hoo! K, you better make the tag your it vid! =D You hear?! Oh and thanks! I still have it on! =)

  7. Thats so cute. I c u like owls. Tee-hee

  8. I just started reading your blog... I didn't know you had one till you did you YouTube video on it. BTW your nail art is awesome... my daughter in particular loved it. Thanks for being so real and approachable.
    I'm inviting you and your followers to check out my blog. Thanks Susi.